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Submission + - Inside a Verizon Wireless Superswitch

An anonymous reader writes: Geek.com has posted a walkthrough of a Verizon Wireless Superswitch, a 45,000 square foot, $50 million facility. From the article, "The Superswitch we visited, located in Orlando, Fl., is one of about 25 across the US. These control centers are designed to handle mobile calls, SMS, MMS, and mobile broadband for their respective regions. This particular Superswitch faces a somewhat unique problem given it’s unfortunate proximity to extreme weather conditions, and as such is re-enforced to survive a Category 5 hurricane and still provide service to its area. While finite numbers were unavailable, this center handles millions of calls and texts, as well as tens of thousands of gigabytes of mobile data on an average day, and is designed to scale up rapidly for large events or emergencies."

Submission + - BYU students develop cloud based ultrasound viewer (byu.edu)

chaseneb writes: A group of BYU information technology students is one of 10 teams to make it to the U.S. software design final of the Imagine Cup, an international technology competition sponsored by Microsoft. The student team landed the coveted spot with a software application that can convert an ultrasound image to a standard image format and store it online for later access.

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