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Comment This is honestly the WORST (Score 1) 173

Not only do we have content with commercial usability "experts" re-arranging both websites and applications at random to "help" their users (translated: cancelling years of accumulated knowledge on how the older interfaces worked & replacing them with newer interfaces that do the same thing... but in a different way, congratulation!) ... now even the relative safe haven of Libre Office are going full Gnome wars on us and re-arranging everything instead of making their software fast and stable. Side rant: recently tried Word 6.0 from 1993 - it fits in at about 9MB before install and has full support for modern fonts (thanks TTFs), charts, pie-charts, tables, auto-spelling control, etc. and ran fine on Win7... what exactly has been improved over the last 24 years?! Embedding of huge scripting languages so that modern Office packages need constant security updates alongside with obscene random changes in the document structures to help us all understand the necessity of upgrading to the latest and greatest. Plus of course loads of "improvements" (i.e. pointless reshuffling) of the UI. Honestly. Something is not right with how software (OSS or otherwise) is being written these days.

Comment It's ridicolous, these are kids toys.. (Score 1) 312

Literally kids toys. I have a Syma X5 and the idea that they can carry any sort of weight is just pathetic - the battery is 500mw for God's sake :/ These are kids toys and it makes me infinitely sad that there are places in world run like KZ camps where kids can't fly these things due to the fear and loathing of adults.

Comment Power need? (Score 0) 130

The main thing about the Arduino is its low power consumption - it is possible to embed it in just about anything and have it tag along nicely for a long ass time on a simple battery.. any idea about the Intel thing? (also, via china, lets remember that a perfectly functional Arduino clone can be had for $7 with postage, its pretty freaking hard to beat that!)

Comment It is severely beyond me why anyone techie.. (Score 0) 102

..would want to use Chrome, the whole thing feels like a trojan horse, it installs Google updaters EVERYWHERE (even in Firefox's plugin department) and is co-dependent on the google web (tm) to an extend where how they balance their load-balancing servers will be enough to crash it?! Firefox and duckduckgo FTW (on related note; I just noticed recently that the latter's stats have gone through the roof, visitor-number-wise, in last few months).

Comment Firefox fonts are blurry on non-ClearType Win7 (Score 1) 137

Firefox 17 is unusable for me - the font rendering appear broken on non-ClearType enabled systems and my Bookmark Bar links no longer loads things when I click them?! (I have it placed on my Navigation Bar). Broken beyond use for me: I have just installed latest Pale Moon release instead and migrated my profile, apart from a bit of tweaking of the status bar everything works fine for me. The point that Pale Moon is allegedly faster than stock FF releases rendering wise is secondary to me but quite nice to know (ah, the joy of placebo).

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