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Comment Math and now computer science (Score 1) 564

Most students typically do not understand what mathematics is about until their sophomore year in college when they take linear algebra. The educational system basically lies to to them. Mathematics is presented as formal manipulation of symbols and math is an seemingly endless set of problems to do. Proof, examples, counterexamples, application of theory basically anything a working mathematician might do is ignored. While there are some exceptions, once the student gets to linear (or abstract) algebra or an upper division mathematics course and finds out it mostly is about proof and structure they realize they have been duped. Similarly. it is now formally coming down the pike with computer science.

Comment Position Requirments (Score 1) 80

From the article: "The restrictions? An eligible participant must be a junior faculty member at a US higher education institution. Participants should be no more than seven years beyond receiving a doctoral degree, pretenure junior faculty, with demonstrated exceptional potential for worldclass contributions to the field of computer science."

What is "demonstrated exceptional potential"? This makes no sense. Either you have performed exceptionally or you haven't. And what is up with junior faculty? They are not interested in those with an actual record of world-class contributions? This looks to me as if they are just buying younger faculty (without the security of tenure to date) for use at a later date.

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