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Comment Re:Am i missing something? (Score 1) 309

I'm not a biologist nor in any sense of the word am I qualified to answer your question. However, I feel that I might be able to lend some perspective on that matter that might otherwise be useful in gaining a firmer level of comprehension on the issue at hand.

Onto the question regarding the transfer of some of the bacteria from mother to child I'm almost certain that someone may be able to shed some light on this puzzle.

As noted earlier, I'm almost nearly certain that I am in no way shape or form the person who could assist in this conundrum.

Don't hesitate to ask should you require further assistance.

I wonder if the mom's in Japan test out the baby's bottles with their mouths to see if they are too hot. That might explain bacteria transfer.

Comment Re:Why is this guy being treated as a Martyr to IT (Score 1) 502

It's quite a stretch to say he had stolen the entire network. In fact, it's absolutely false. They could have done a hard admin reset on the routers and affected systems and been back in complete control of them. They chose not to, for various legitimate reasons, but the network remained in the possession of the legitimate owners.

Using the door analogy, what if he was a custodian, changed all the locks, kept all the keys, refused to give them to the owners? Sure they could hire a locksmith to change all the locks, but why should they?

Comment Stop being so paranoid (Score 5, Interesting) 329

A likely explanation is that somebody either stole a credit card or cards or somehow ordered them fraudulently and is using this as a smokescreen. Send 10 laptops to 10 governors. Send 10 to random people including yourself. Profit! Or else an employee at one of the offices is in on it and wanted to cover themselves by sending them out to other offices.

Comment Re:Am I off base (Score 1) 265

For suggesting that a measure of tidal power could be harvested as well here? After all, kites can be used to harvest power through the tension exerted on their cables, if I'm correct. Similarly, these turbines are going to be tethered, right? How about it?

Kites harvest power with keys tied to their strings, not tension.


Interesting Uses For a USB LED Screen? 403

Hogwash McFly writes "My boss gave me one of those USB-powered red LED scrolling displays as a Christmas gift, and while cycling the usual 'I read your emails' and 'ID10T Error' messages will be entertaining for a day or two, I was wondering if it could be put to more constructive uses. The configuration file is plaintext and supports different scroll speeds, flashing, bitmaps, and WAV sounds. The font is defined as 5x5 pixels per character, also stored in plaintext as 5 hex values, one for each vertical line of pixels. A dynamically generated message could prove useful in my day-to-day work on the helpdesk, but are there any interesting uses beyond network notifications and news feeds?"

Esther Dyson To Train For Space Flight 38

DynaSoar writes "Esther Dyson, known to many as a founding and consistently guiding member of ICANN, and for working with the startups of Flickr,, Medscape and others, is now expanding her interests upwards. She recently announced that she will be heading to Moscow to train as backup astronaut for Charles Simonyi, who plans to fly aboard Soyuz TMA-14 next year. The US$3 million price tag won't be her first cash contribution towards personal space flight. She's already an investor in Space Adventures, the company that arranges the space tourist flights on Soyuz."

Comment Re:Easy way to massively improve fuel consumption (Score 1) 674

plenty of european and japanese cars already feature such a device.

Some American cars have had "instant fuel economy" readouts as an option for many years. I know the 1992 Lincoln Town car had this as an option. Of course it still got 12 miles per gallon, but at least you knew about it.

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