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Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 2, Interesting) 454

I am paying for 16/9 and getting 4/4. After repeatedly complaining, having them troubleshoot their hardware, et. Al, they have PROMISED to check the "neighborhood node", replace the immediate (in my neighbors back yard) node, as well as the routing servers, and given me $20/month credit for 6 months. Of course they haven't replace or repaired any of the nodes (the one in my neighbors yard looks like someone took a baseball bat to it), but I have received the credit. So I'm all for letting the FCC enforce quoted speeds for ISPs. And NO, I cannot use anything other than cable because the DSL node is too far away, I don't get GSM coverage at my home, and SkyBeam is too unreliable here. No other choice except dial-up or buying my own pipe.

Comment Re:Good programmers aren't easily ruined (Score 1) 548

I went:
BASIC -> Pascal -> C -> C++ -> FORTRAN77 -> Assembler -> {OMGPonies! ALL SORTS}

Now, I work routinely using both scripting languages (bash, Perl, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Jython, did some ColdFusion even, and others), and programming languages (C, C++, Java, et. Al.).

A Programmer can flip-flop between ANY language and may only need a reference manual (or Google) to get the correct syntax. If you can't, you are simply a Coder.

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