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Comment Re:Militia, then vs now (Score 1) 1633

At the time there were limited arms (you took about 2 minutes to reload) vs able to empty a couple clips in that same amount of time, now.

There were also limited religions and limited forms of speach and press at the time too. Should the first amentment only allow freedom of religion for the religions that existed when it was written, or only apply to actual speach and hand written docuements? And I guess it should only apply to newspapers and town cryers, because TV, radio, and the internet did not exist when the bill of rights were originally written. Also, the regular people had more advanced wepons than the army did because rifles were not supplied to the troops, they only had muskets.

Comment Re:Militia, then vs now (Score 5, Insightful) 1633

the point of the constitution is to address issues in fairness. Doesn't deal with everything, but it's the core basic point of the document.

The constitution has nothing to do with "fairness" it is about limitations on the federal government and the absolute rights of the people. The founding of the US was not about fairness but freedom. What we have today is the idea of fairness and that is why our society is messed up and why we alow our government to rape us with high taxes and expect the government to fullfill all our needs.

Comment Apollo 11 worked because: (Score 1) 786

Government mostly got out of the way and let it happen. When this place called The United States of America is alowed to run unrestrianed amazing things happen and most always for the best. Get the best a brightest and let them do their thing but don't tie their hands. That is the way our federal government is support to work, be there to support not to dictate, protect, not overpower. Set a goal for the nation and then watch it happen, force an idea on this nation and watch it become so mired in so much red tape it will never function correctly.

Comment Machine won't die!!!! (Score 1) 715

I have a server, Windows server 2003, running at my house with an old Soyo Dragon board, 2 gigs Kingston value memory, athlon 2500+, running the factory AMD heatsink and fan, with an 80 gig samsung hdd for my pmaster drive and a Western Digital 500 gig for a slave, and an Nvidia TNT 32 video card. All this stuff is well over 8 years old. My first power supply was a soyo rapter that lasted 5 years, since that time I have been through about 6 different power supplies, mostly because i just throw in whatever I happen to have laying around, I have a crystal supply in there right now and is doing a fine job. This machine runs almost continuously since it is my domain controller and file server and other than the power supplies, I haven,t had any issues. Oh, it did once have to replace the north bridge fan once as well.

Comment POWER COMPANIES (Score 1) 548

I can't believe this wasn't one of the choices. Power companies are total evil. They constantly raise rates and always treat you like your a bum if you can't pay your bill on time. They have no discernible customer service skills and can cut service at will. I am about 6 months away from having my own system in place and will be forever grateful for it.

Comment Re:Leave my world alone!!! (Score 1) 248

What I am saying is that if we were able to destroy our species then we would have died out a long time ago. This whole climate thing is just a scheme to put money on peoples pockets and scare others into paying out the money. When we purposely try to change the climate we are going to screw up things more than all of the indirect so called human changes have done. I for one don't want anyone dumping stuff into the atmosphere for any reason, that can't be a good idea. Maybe the oceans need a good dose of alka-seltzer to neutralize the acid. That make as much sense as blowing dirt into the atmosphere. All these fixes could cause real problems. By the way, if the human species dies out isn't that just natural selection? Why worry it may just be time for the lizard men to show up and take over an over baked earth.

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