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Submission + - Activist hacker enters 32nd day of prison hunger strike (

Danngggg writes: Activist hacker Martin Gottesfeld was back in the Huffington Post yesterday. In this latest article, the not-so-pleasant effects of his now more than one-month prison hunger strike are discussed. Gottesffeld has also told HuffPost that he will continue his fast past the election to secure his demands for a presidential pledge and an end to U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz’s “political prosecutions.” Ten days ago he collapsed in court during his arraignment. From the article: “Martin Gottesfeld’s hunger strike on behalf of children abused in American institutions, and adults being prosecuted by U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz for political reasons has entered its fifth week. Gottesfeld reports losing 28 pounds so far. He has been in federal prison since his arrest in February, following a rescue at sea by Disney Cruises.”

Comment Transgenic Marihuana and Consumption (Score 0) 382

Studies of pot today should consider possible side effects of consuming transgenic marihuana. Who knows for sure that there is no side effects with it, compared with the pure and old herb?

Besides, today, use and consumption are not well differentiated words.

Antient cultures used to consider drugs as gods. They might have had less technical knowledge about science, but that should not diminish their knowledge. They used it on special occasions.

If today we use or consume drugs in a similar way as we 'use our actual gods' to get something back from them.
If we consume drugs to patch other existential problems that we need to solve. Then the god part of the drugs might act against us...

Like using guns. Guns are not good or evil. But they might become so, with our use.
The myth of drugs that started with inquisition should finally end.
Drugs have been part of the human existence since the begining of time. And forbidden or not they shall allways be part of us.

Comment the same old story...again! (Score 0) 124

There is no news that information is the enemy of any dictator on the earth. Information is the enemy of fear. And fear is power.

Big brother has no other ideology. And violence is the mother of ignorance and fear.

Shall we some day finally learn the lesson for good?
Being well informed, we could let them fight until exhaustion, without narrowing our future.
Should we return to that hell? Should we keep on loosing?

Comment nice button... (Score 0) 469


I used to work as a qualified data entry guy that had to collect all the household analyzed rating data and parse it into some excel sheets. After lots of graphs resulting from the data filtered by several customers targets, the result was one +200 hundred pages printed book personalized for each customer. Totaling near a thousand books every month.

The number of different results was so high that the algorithms should be heavily watched constantly. And I was never as sure as to not expect to find any possible mistake in any output. But from outside, my boss would only see a funny guy that was mostly always sitting down and doing nothing. ..
The idea that such a heavy and responsible job would look as doing nothing made me laugh a lot.

So much so, that I created a very nice button at the starting page of the Excel sheet that would do all the job without any hesitation. Without human checking any results before hand! But it was so tempting! It was my boss's point of view of my job...

As I expected, later I got fired. But then, I found out that that nice button caused them the lost of a lot of customers, until they decided to start doing all my work again from scratch...

And finally new that mine was really a busy job...

Submission + - The Mathematics of Basketball (

sciencehabit writes: To shoot, or not to shoot, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler to try to score right away or wait for a better chance. Professional basketball players face that quandary multiple times in every game. And in a new study a researcher and hoops fan provides some mathematical guidance for the best time to take aim.

Submission + - Happy WLAN Day 1

An anonymous reader writes: Today, August 2nd 2011, is Wireless LAN day! Happy WLAN Day Everyone!

Submission + - Internet Explorer users have a lower IQ (

DaveAtWorkAnnoyingly writes: The BBC has discovered an interesting study that suggests Internet Explorer users have a lower than average IQ, according to research by Consulting firm AptiQuant. The study gave web surfers an IQ test, then plotted their scores against the browser they used. IE surfers were found to have an average IQ lower than people using Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Users of Camino and Opera rated highest. Their own website states that people are queueing up to sue them!
The Internet

Submission + - Georgia Tech Releases Analysis of FCC Data (

An anonymous reader writes: When it comes to broadband speeds, U.S. Internet service providers (ISPs) largely deliver on their promises, says a report issued today by the Federal Communications Commission, but “throughput” is only one of several metrics listed in the report that affect network performance. ISPs should provide a broadband “nutrition label”—easy-to-understand information about service-limiting factors—and users need better ways of measuring the performance their ISPs are delivering, concludes a study from the Georgia Tech College of Computing.
The Internet

Measuring Broadband America Report Released 160

AzTechGuy writes "Early this year I received one of the 'Whitebox' routers to test the speed of my ISP and compare it to the advertised speed. Today I received an email that they have released the first report with another report due at the end of the year. My results do not correspond with the results reflected in the report." It appears that most ISPs are within 80% of their advertised speeds during peak hours with Verizon leading the pack mostly exceeding their advertised rates. Cablevision users, on the other hand, shouldn't expect more than half of the promised bandwidth (youch!).

Submission + - AMD's Low Power A6 Desktop APU Tested (

MojoKid writes: "Llano is AMD's mainstream processor that fuses four x86 cores with a DX11-class graphics processor on a single piece of silicon. The current flagship APU (Application Processing Unit) in their desktop line-up is the A8-3850, which hums along at 2.9GHz, with 400 Radeon cores. The new entry level AMD A6-3650 is built using the same silicon architecture, but clocks in at 2.6GHz, with 320 active Radeon cores, running at 443MHz. It's not a benchmark burner but for a low-cost, low-power quad-core processor, the A6-3650 offers decent x86 horsepower with solid performance in a DX-11 class graphic processor. The A6 won't catch even Intel's low end in general compute workloads but in gaming and multimedia, AMD's low power chip offers much better performance."

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