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Comment Eye Tracking to communicate (Score 1) 552

So sorry to hear about this! I hope she recovers from it. I did a quick google search on this and found a few companies who are using eye tracking to communicate, generally using duration of eye gaze (and not blinking) to activate. Here are a few: There may be others as well.

Submission + - Research supports 'Snowball Earth' theory

u2boy_nl writes: "A new U.S. study finds evidence for the 'Snowball Earth' hypothesis, the theory which states that the entire Earth was ice-covered for long periods 600-700 million years ago. These icy conditions (Earth's oceans frozen completely with ice more than two kilometers thick) ended violently under extreme greenhouse conditions and triggered the evolution of multicellular animal life. The Snowball Earth theory was previously assumed rather than tested and challenges long-held assumptions regarding the limits of global change.

For more on the theory see and of course wikipedia"

Submission + - Why Software Sucks

bariswheel writes: "In this thought provoking post, Chris argues that in general, complexity and changing requirements are what causes the majority of software to 'suck.' "Complexity is the single factor I would attribute poor software to. The more you have to do, the harder you make it on yourself, the way requirements seem to change, the worse the final result is. Software needs to be simple." But does he offer any solutions?"

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