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Comment Re:Appeal the fine? (Score 1) 469

Indeed, it barely slowed Microsoft down a bit.

Hell, they have 25 Bil in cash in the bank, and just raised another 5 yesterday. And the thing is, Intel actually has some competition. Microsoft has essentially none, got a smaller fine, and continues to do exactly what they have ever done.

If the sky isn't falling, it should be.

Comment Re:Holy moly... (Score 1) 623

Yeah, there are bars, but nowhere near the numbers in the real world. When you go to a bar, the lady at the front door asks if you have a "sponsor". You say "oh, that guy is sponsoring me". And they let you in. People mostly roll their eyes at the silly, inane law, but it makes the good little Mormons happy. And, it only makes the Mormons happy because for the most part they don't socialize at bars (that's what church is for). If they realized how stupid and backwards the whole process is, and how it makes Utah (continue to) look like a bunch of 19th century Puritans, they might get rid of this sillyness.

Couldn't help but rant for a second.

Incidentally, at restaurants you can order drinks but only as long as you order food.

Comment Re:CableCard? (Score 1) 200

I feel like griping.

I have a Tivo with two cablecards. When I first got the Tivo, one of the cards that Comcast gave me was bad. It was an insanely painful process to figure this out. The one card wasn't just "bad" it would work, then not, then work. Call after call to "troubleshoot" the problem was a complete waste of time. I finally pulled one out, ran the Tivo for a few days, then repeated. My hell, finally. Comcast happily replaced the bad card, and to their credit, it has worked fine ever since.

Moral? Ditto to what everyone says. Cable sucks as bad as Windows. Sadly, however, there's no GNU/Cable.


OpenOffice Five Times As Popular As Google Docs 207

CWmike writes "Confirming recent comments by Microsoft's Steve Ballmer, an independent report released Friday found that OpenOffice.org's free office suite is five times more popular than Google Docs. This was according to a survey of 2,400 adult Internet users conducted between May and November. Microsoft's share was 10 times that of OpenOffice.org. Microsoft hopes to cement that lead with its upcoming Office Web, as well as online versions of its Exchange and SharePoint products to be announced on Monday. OpenOffice.org may provide some resistance, however. The latest version, OpenOffice.org 3.0, had a strong first week in October, with more than 3 million downloads. After one month, OpenOffice.org 3.0 had been downloaded 10 million times." And reader Peter Toi informs us of the open source release of yet another office suite, Softmaker Office. Its claimed advantages are its compactness and speed (making it suitable for netbooks), its excellent MS Office filters, and the fact that it can be installed to USB flash drives.

Submission + - "Clean Install" Vista w/upgrade DVDs

AlHunt writes: "Daltytech.com is reporting a workaround to do a fresh install of Vista from your Upgrade DVD, based on an internal document from Microsoft. From TFA:

Just when everyone thought that all hope was lost when it comes to performing a clean install with a Windows Vista Upgrade DVD, a gleam of light can now be seen at the end of the tunnel. A new workaround proposed by Paul Thurrott (via Microsoft internal documents) has been confirmed to work by DailyTech.
According to the article, Microsoft's requirement is that Vista be installed over a pre-existing XP installation, invalidating the old XP license in the process."

Submission + - Novell to Join the Dark Side

An anonymous reader writes: Novell announced today that it is to join forces with Microsoft! From the Collaboration FAQ: 'They have signed three related agreements which, taken together, will greatly enhance interoperability between Linux and Windows and give customers greater flexibility in their IT environments. Under a technical cooperation agreement, Novell and Microsoft will work together in three primary areas to deliver new solutions to customers: virtualization, web services management and document format compatibility. Under a patent cooperation agreement, Microsoft and Novell provide patent coverage for each others customers, giving customers peace of mind regarding patent issues. Finally, under a business cooperation agreement, Novell and Microsoft are committing to dedicate marketing and sales resources to promote joint solutions.' Is it April Fools already?

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