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Comment Re:Are customer able to evaulate that objectively? (Score 1) 254

So you pre-pick the brand of soap your going to buy?

Uh, yes.

All the more reason advertisers want your eyeballs-- you're loyal to your brand. One day you're going to need to buy diapers, or ointment, or any of a million other things you don't currently purchase. They want you to have some pre-existing knowledge of their brand. All other things being equal, it'll make it more likely you'll pick them. And become a customer for life.

Comment Re:Kids don't have much disposable money (Score 1) 457

After spending all their money on cell phones, kids cannot afford to buy products advertised to them on Facebook.

What? Parents buy the phones most of the times and pay for the minutes/data as well, which leads to point #2: kids have no bills. Every single dollar they have is disposable. Advertising gold.

Submission + - What Podcasts Do You Listen To?

chameleon3 writes: "Like many Slashdotters, I am fulfilling my $randomDay resolution by hitting the gym. Of course, I'm finding out that running in place bores me to tears. So can you recommend any interesting or funny podcasts (or other audio product)? Describe as necessary, and if non-free, please list the price."

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