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Comment Re:The launch was smooth (Score 1) 166

I have something like 70 hours in DIII and probably approaching 100 hours in PoE (60% of that pre v1.0). They both have their pros and cons. I just finished PoE normal with the Vaal content, and it's enjoyable. Ambush is a neat twist, and Cruel is interesting with new bosses and more uniques...It doesn’t seem as grinding as the 2nd playthough of Diablo on the harder difficulty. But, to be fair, I’m only halfway through Act 1.

What I hate about PoE is if you screw up a build...there's nothing worse than finding out a 50th level character is no longer playable as you're getting smeared by common mobs. It is not a noob friendly game. I strongly recommend going through some build guides before picking it up.

Just to make sure I piss off all the fanboys everywhere though, I'll probably skip the DIII expansion until it hits XBone. I'm interested to see how it plays with a controller, and it seems like it could be a good pick up and play party / beer drinking game at lower levels. I remember great times with Gauntlet Legends on N64 and hoping this carries on that vibe with local multiplayer.

Comment Re:Sure, Netflix is safe, what about the rest? (Score 1) 213

Nobody is going to slow down some small player, because, well, they are a small player.

I think you are looking at the logic for this backwards...what will happen is the ISPs will prioritize traffic to the big players, and slow EVERYTHING else down. If you are a favorite with a large user base, you get the majority of the tubes. If not, too bad, you'll never get enough of the tube to make a dent.

Comment Re:Wonder the accuracy rate (Score 1) 77

This is the hypothetical if I had any talent and a lot of free time and money. (I assume the NSA does).

You have to locate your phone two inches from the keyboard every time.

That's pretty easy to normalize using your favorite audio that's an easy one to solve. If I’m just researching to see if this is possible, I would probably skip that problem.

Not on a piece of paper, a book or a mouse pad, but directly on the desk.

Using a neural network, it might be able to learn how 'soft sounds' work...not sure...harder but not insurmountable. If you break the 0 threshold of the accelerometer (the point where you’re in the realm of error correction and just can’t get a useable signal any more), you’re broke. But, if you can get anything useful out of the accelerometer, I’m betting the normalization algorithm is going to work like the audio one above.

Oh, and you have to install software on your iPhone,

Probably not ideal...I'd install software to just send the audio / accelerometer data to a central location if you want to make this a real 'attack'.

AND feed the data into a couple of Neural networks external to the phone.

See the previous...installing the neural network on the phone isn't ideal...if you can get the data back to a central server that has some real horse power, this is a non-issue.

And nothing else can be vibrating on that desk. No radio. No mouse movements, and your computer has to be off the desk.

I think you could isolate keyboard clicks and sync them with the accelerometer events. Not too bad to overcome. We have beat matching softwareI’m pretty sure someone can whip this up fairly quickly.

No air conditioning air flow, not tapping fingers, typical floor bounce from walking people.

Again, just isolate the events you'll take time and heavy processing to do so, but not too bad from an audio editing perspective.

And no typing fast.

Solved by doing your processing on a real machine instead of the phone...

What would be really interesting is if the researchers could build a small box with a better mic and accelerometers to see how far they can get from a target to make this work. Imagine something the size of a 6 sided die that you could glue to the bottom of a desk
Dunno Maybe it’s science fiction, but that’s where all the great ideas started.

Comment Re:Divide and Conquer (Score 1) 435

"I just don't understand what their endgame is"

Does there have to be an endgame? As long as the 1% or whomever dies before the massive revolt I think they win. It's like the stock market, it's all about short term gains and who gives a damn about long term profits 10 years from now.

The other point (and sorry for the crazy conspiracy theory aside) there won't be an "endgame." The local authorities have already militarized to the point of being able to take out every single person in their local communities in case of massive uprising.

Maybe to phrase it another way is we've already been checkmated and the "Endgame" was back in the 90's.

Comment Re:Failed Marketing (Score 1) 251

"As much as I hate Microsoft - it's sad to say - that the [very, very] few people who I know who actually had a Surface had nothing but RAVE reviews about them."

As someone who had an did not deserve the rave reviews. I feel like the people who were really positive about the thing were giving it high marks to justify being duped out of 500-600 dollars.

At that price range it's really hard to come to grips with "I just made a bad bad purchase."

Comment Re:A cheaper, old school way (Score 1) 210

It's still cheaper than using a support deskin that case you get 30 minute wait for the keyboard that's going to cost you 50$ (1/2 original employee), 15$ (1/2 hour for IT Support, cheap), 15$ for keyboard. So you're out 50$ for the employee’s time, or 80$ for professional support.

Take that with a grain of salt, I work for a HUGE IT department for a Fortune 50 company. If I were still at a 50 person start up, then yea, talking to Bob the CTO to get my keyboard is much faster and cheaper.

I'm in a monstrous cube farm, and in reality, were I to break a piece of hardware on my station those dollar estimates are very low. For me to call into support, and have them send someone down to fix whatever is wrong with my station easily takes half a day and 12 people. I call in to support, they escalate through 3 levels, then they allocate the resources and prioritize my request, and finally, either a guy shows up or they interoffice mail me the part. That half-an-hour of my time in going to Wal-mart to get a keyboard just turned into a couple hundred dollars of man hours.

Cliff notes to stay on target: The vending machines are a slick idea. Fast and you get all the metrics the multi-headed support demon gives you.

Comment Re:Why not just ignore people who break the law? (Score 1) 203

Which is fine...until our corporate overlords want to make an example. The people jail breaking phones is a fringe group right now, but if it becomes common place and easy (say like, napster), there will be extreme examples of people being punished.

Thus, ignoring them is a solution, but it’s a skeleton in the closet to be pulled out when cost effective for the big tel-cos.

Comment Wii Sports FTW. (Score 1) 403

IMHO where Nintendo dropped the ball this launch is not including Wii Sports with the package and going with Nintendo Land instead. Nintendo Land catered to the gamer demographic, but not the huge non-gamer crowd that Wii Sports collected.

It fails at getting the whole family involved. When Wii came out, literally the whole family, from grandma to my 5 year old cousins played bowling. They couldn’t get enough of it. With Nintendo Land, the younger kids play for 30 minutes then get bored, and the older crowd won’t go near it.

There’s some strange depth in trying to get a 300 in bowling. Chasing Mario around a maze is only engaging for so long. Trying to teach people who don’t game about Metroid and Zelda in a fast party environment doesn’t work so well, but saying hey, let’s bowl, is almost universal.

Comment I like my XBox... (Score 1) 245

Cliff Notes: IMHO the article is wrongyou can move on now.

I think the article is good advice for future developments maybe, but the current state of the Xbox isn’t nearly as bad as what the author makes it out to be.

The boot time to game is solely dependent on how many splash screen individual developers put in their game. Otherwise from XBox logo to game load is like what 10 seconds? I personally don't think that's unreasonable.

As to advertisig...It's relevant and I don't think it's overly intrusive...Yet...I don't mind that one advertising tile in the bottom right of every other screen. It doesn't affect my experience one way or the other. When they make me start click through an ad to get to my game, I'm throwing the thing out to craig’s list or e-bay.

As to XBox Live...again, in the grand scheme of things I think 100 bucks a year (family account w/ 4 accounts) isn't ridiculous. The matchmaking / audio is a class above anything on PS3 or Wii (WiiU). I find it’s worth it for that alone. Also, if you’re thrifty throughout the year you can find subscriptions for cheap (30 bucks / yr per account). Compare that to any of the ‘free to play’ games or a WoW account and you’re immediately in the same price range for a year. Finally, if you don’t want to pay, get XBox silver. You don’t get online play, but you’ll get through all the single player games fine.

Comment Re:Why study tech just to train your H1B replaceme (Score 1) 231

Actually, maybe not...A lot of the H1Bs I work with send a substantial portion of their checks back to families in other countries. While the tax revenue is great I guess, the loss of 1000-2000$ a month out of our local economy is not so good.
That’s a generalization, so your mileage may vary.

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