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Submission + - Do Too Many People Attend College?

Hugh Pickens writes: "Bell Curve author Charles Murray has a new book out arguing that too many kids are now heading to four-year colleges and wasting their time in pursuit of a bachelor's degree that is a meaningless credential and that only 20 percent of all college students have the brains and abilities to understand their assigned reading. Deborah Solomon has an interview with Murray in the NY Times in which Murray says that "there are very few unemployed first-rate electricians. I can get a good doctor in a minute and a half. Getting a really good electrician — that's hard. If you want jobs that are in high demand, go to any kind of skilled labor.""
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Submission + - Lawsuit alleging false copyright claims 1

An anonymous reader writes: Last month, Slashdot published an item, 19250&from=rss, about the growing problem of false copyright claims, =787244#PaperDownload. Today, the Computer & Communications Industry Association, a trade organization representing Google, Microsoft, and other giants, has filed a consumer protection complaint with the FTC against Hollywood studios, the NFL, and major book publishers for including overly broad copyright notices on their products. The Wall Street Journal has the scoop: .html?mod=googlenews_wsj
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Is "Making Available" Copyright Infringement? 320

NewYorkCountryLawyer updates us now that the legal issue — is it copyright infringement merely to "make available" a copyrighted work? — has been argued by the attorneys in Elektra v. Barker (on January 26). Whichever way the ruling goes it will have a large impact across the Internet. Appeal seems likely either way. No ruling has issued yet but "a friend" has made the 58-page transcript "available" (PDF here).

Comment Favorite quote... (Score 2, Insightful) 627

from the article,
Will Windows Vista content protection features increase CPU resource consumption? Yes. However, the use of additional CPU cycles is inevitable, as the PC provides consumers with additional functionality.

How exactly does limiting the quality of the video translate into providing consumers with additional functionality?

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