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Comment Re:MiniDLNA (Score 3, Interesting) 420

I have MiniDLNA running on a raspberry pi with 1TB self powered usb disk attached. This is connected directly to the router in a cupboard under the stairs.

Then use an XBox 360 or PS3 as the client connected to the TV.

I do have similar issues with mkv files which the server sometimes sees and "advertises" and sometimes doesn't (i'm guessing based on file exension?) and which the XBox sometimes can decode and sometimes can't (based on enciding?). I haven't determined exactly what the cases are for when it works and when it doesn't.

I am not doing any transcoding on the server but I'd consider it to be a system that works well.

Comment Re:Solution.. buy hard drives! (Score 1) 414

I've just hit exactly this problem over the weekend where my WS Elements 2TB USB drive has completely failed on me. I _just_ have enough space to create a new backup on an internal drive but I'm getting antsy until its replacement arrives.

I've only had problems with WD drives but that's because I keep buying them based on the reliability of their WD Passport portable drives. I'm on my third Passport now and never had a problem, but I've had return-to-manufacturer level problems with two WD My Books and now the WD Elements.

I'd just, independently, come to the same conclusions listed above which is to buy a second equivalent capacity disk from a different manufacturer and alternately cycle the two backup disks.

Comment Re:Tunnels of Doom (Score 1) 272

But the TI99/4A wasn't an awful system at the time. In fact it was awesome.

It wasn't a big seller in the UK but I had a TI while most friends had a ZX Spectrum.

There weren't as many games on cassettes available, or listings to type in from magazines, but the cartridge system totally blew away anything the home computing competition could do.

Parsec stands out.

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