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Comment Re:Thoughtcrime (Score 1) 414

Do you think that most child porn is made for economic reasons? Or is it mostly pedophiles filming themselves and distributing it? Haven't seen it but I highly doubt that it is like normal porn with professional actors etc...
What I'm trying to say here is that IMHO the incentive for making child porn is not economic, and getting rid of it will not stop the sickos.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 149

What evidence. Russian IP[ address? Same signature and attack vector that has allegedly been used by Russian Intelligence in the past?

Does it really matter who did it? IMHO what matters is what was exposed. Blaming the Russian is only trying to shift the focus of the public away from the e-mails. And our great 4th estate is helping them.

Comment Re:politically motivated translation? (Score 2) 49

Here's a link to a Russian article on the matter.

According to the article he states that:
1. This ban is a clear example of unfair competition. (using political means)
2. That they (the Russians) will have to work with the Europeans so that they can make their own independent decisions.

Something else intersting from that article is that the Minister of Economic development stated that t-platforms is competing with American and Chinese companies in the European market. I consider this strange since the US mentioned Taiwan but there is no pressure against Chinese companies.

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