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Comment Social Workers (Score 1) 1023

What upsets me the most about $15/hour for fast food workers is that is more than we pay our social workers. Jobs that require a college education and help people. Any unskilled idiot who is willing to show up can work fast food, so why should they get paid more than other people who require college education and intelligence?

Comment Re:House loses most staunch Democrat (Score 2) 406

Do you not understand that under the category of "extreme" is "extremely good"?

Moderation is the mixing of poison and food..

Moderation is making a dam only moderately strong.

Moderation is a 747 pilot who's only moderately sober.

Drinking Alcohol (a poison) with dinner is moderation.
Building a dam moderately strong to specifications and not ruin the surrounding area due to over engineer is considered appropriate..
Moderately sober 747 pilot, that would be a step up for the normally drunk pilot, right?

Comment Re:not the real question (Score 2) 200

At DefCon last year there was seminar on plane hacking given by what I consider a definite expert. He was a commercial airline pilot and certified mechanic and a computer hacker to boot.
Other than the 777, the avionics of a plane do not use TCP/IP and therefore cannot communicate with a PC without a special adapter plugged directly into the avionics.
Awesome seminar, but the speaker did bring up the potential in the future if airplane builders were not careful.

Comment Best Spot the Fed Story (Score 1) 102

The best Spot the Fed story I have heard was several years ago when DEFCON was at the Riviera.
The woman gets up and picks out the Fed. When asked how she knew, she became sheepishly quiet. After some prodding she admitted sleeping with him and while he was still asleep she went through his wallet and found his ID.

Counter spying at its best!!

Comment Torture (Score 1) 109

I took my niece to a One Direction concert, Arizona Cardinals Stadium, sold out. If we ever wanted to make an Islamic terrorist talk, use a One Direction concert as torture. A bunch of teenagers dressed provocatively trying to marry a band member. It would drive them nuts, as it did me.

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