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Comment Re:Why Cum-stained? (Score 1, Funny) 272

I love Apple because when you use Apple's products you come out as intelligent person. You aren't like a normal person who is only able to use Windows, but neither you are a nerd that uses Linux. With Apple's products you can really just go out with your iPad, sit down at the coffee shop and wait for girls to come talk to you.

Comment Re:Interesting fact (Score 0) 284

Except cges said that you see these options when you sign up for Google+.....back when I used Facebook, once I learned those became options, through a news article possibly even on /., I then had to use Google to search for where to find them, and then go deep into the facebook settings, where the faint of heart dare not voyage, in order to adjust them. So yeah, having the options right there in your face when you sign up is so much greater than the Facebook alternative.

Yeah, because Settings -> Privacy Settings is so damn hard.

Comment Interesting fact (Score 1, Informative) 284

Anyone that has signed for Google+ has seen the "i can be tracked all over the internet" checkbox. They have also heard that Google will be removing private profiles by end of the month. They have also seen that every profile will be by default indexed in Google.

As much as I also hate Zuckerberg, he is spot on. At least with Facebook I have control over what my information is made public. Most of the hate towards Facebook on slashdot seems to come from users with no practical use or just out of touch fear. You CAN change what information is public and what you want to give out. In fact you can make everything private if you want to, and Facebook doesn't allow Google to index that private information.

When you sign up to Google+, see these very information:
- Google can use your information to prodive targeted marketing across Google sites and every affiliated site (ie. millions of sites where AdWords is installed)
- Show photo geo location information in newly uploaded albums and photos.
- Show this profile publicly (enabled by default)

Comment Re:Good for Pop-Cap (Score 0, Troll) 104

Yeah keep shouting that bullshit and never look at what do now. EA is the one major company that publishes titles like Mass Effect, Mirror's Edge and games from old Maxis, like SimCity, Sims and and all different kinds of games.

But obviously because they also release sports games, which are btw really favored those that do have interest in sports games, they're really shitty and do nothing good. Grow up already.

Comment Re:Well on the bright side (Score 0) 114

same here. I'm a good coder, but who has TIME to audit every damned thing?

we do need auditing services. it should be non-profit and community/trust based. ie, like most opensource things.

I don't like a VENDOR being in control. I want it to be 'we the people' so to speak. that way its not political and not under some profit (or even government) directive, one way or another.

Most open source software/distros are made by for-profit organizations.. Now I dont say that is a bad thing, it's great to have support. But YOU need to learn some things.

Comment Re:Google+ (Score 0, Troll) 321

Yes I have, in fact I have an account too. When you sign up they want you to give them permission to use your data anywhere in their advertising and analytics network. AdSense is on millions of websites. Their analytics code is even on more, here on slashdot too. Facebook might try to target marketing for you, but at least they only do that within Facebook. Google on the other will do that all over the internet and collect all kinds of personal statistics over the way. They have your name and all kinds of info where you browse and what you do. They also make your profile public by default and have said they will delete any Google profiles that are private by the end of month. Their definition of "privacy" is limiting what information your friends see.. not what they see, do or give out. And this seems to work really good for the slashdot crowd too.

Comment Google+ (Score -1, Troll) 321

Google did the same mistake here they've done several times earlier.. They published an unfinished product on a market that is already established and has the giant pain of trying to get users to move to their service. This included with the constant problems on Google+, not really offering anything new and even bigger privacy problems than with Facebook really isn't doing good. It was hot for a few days when coming out of beta.. Now I feel like it's going to die a slow death with no interest from casual people.

Comment Re:You need different kinds of people (Score 0) 487

The problem are pure business guys who understand everything the MBA tought them, but don't have a true appreciation for the type if business they are running.

That is true for almost everyone working for a company. When you look for a job, you look for something that is somewhat related to your interests and knowledge. It's never your dream or exactly what you wanted to do.. but it's close enough. How do you know that the MBA's don't feel the same way? I think this kind of thinking is exactly the problem geeks have about other people - putting down their knowledge or interests.

Comment Version numbers (Score 3, Insightful) 97

Firefox's release schedule isn't any more "rapid" than it was before just because they now change major version number instead. It's just taking away the real problem and trying to be push your software to the version numbers that long term projects like IE and Opera have got over the years. Same problem with Chrome.

Comment You need different kinds of people (Score 1, Insightful) 487

Shoemakers most likely can run their business good.. but really, the usual geek.. no, and I'm one as well. Most of the geeks are truly hard to do business with or make witty comments about "how could this person possible know this thing?". There are exceptions, but geeks usually lack that kind of people skills. They also usually lack the knowledge of what people really need. Good example of this is the linux usability and GUI. It's far from good and mostly unfinished with most software because geeks just aren't interested in that kind of thing.

People work best together. You mix the best attributes from several different kinds of people. Hell, if you want a good geeky example look at different classes in multiplayer games. No one can do or master everything. That's why it's best to do what you know yourself and let other people handle the other parts.

Comment Re:Its been done before (Score 4, Insightful) 478

It's double-standard really. Not just from Facebook, but every other US company from Microsoft to Google too.. When it's against United States/Israel it's "terrorism", when it's against China, Russia or other non-western countries it's "helping activists to spread their message and bring down oppressive governments". Most Americans seem to think the same way, but for others like me who are european both sides seem like oppressive governments with huge amount of problems and most interest mostly being fighting or having wars with each other (yes, Europe too has its history and we're certainly learned from that.. well, the nordic countries at least. And we were originally vikings)

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