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Comment Re:voted (Score 1) 463

Let me put a camera on you 24/7 for 8 years, and lets see what kind of 'best of' reel I can make. I hear a lot of sniping at Bush, but not a lot of considered and defended arguments in opposition to his opinions or actions. So, what has the empty suit in the white house done different from Bush that can be looked at and defended as a superior action? When he actually does anything, it turns out to be the same position Bush took. Otherwise, Obama's just a jaw wagging in time to a teleprompter.

Comment Re:Go To Hell (Score 0, Troll) 285

Absolutely. And it also shows how out-of-step with the current net these people are. Given the way people rejoice in their liberty on the net, there would be whole theater groups getting set up just to troll DHS.

This, people, this right here is the natural result of electing a pile of leftist socialists, the smug 'we understand the social models, so we can make things better if we control everything' mindset. A aristocracy of arrogance. No understanding of the noise in the system, or the importance of having noise there.

Comment Re:I am very sceptical... (Score 2, Insightful) 1093

I think there is actually a very easy way to solve this us the code. Give out ALL the raw data, every little scrap, along with the source code for the programs they are using to manipulate it.

This, right here. Scientists, real scientists, can support their findings even when others have access to the same inputs and methods as the scientist uses. If you hide data, you are no longer a scientist. If you 'correct' data with a certain result in mind, you are no longer a scientist.

A real scientist is *happy* to let everyone look at their data, because a real scientist feels that pointing out an error to a colleague is one of the best favors you can perform. Having your peers look at your work in detail, and say "hey, that's some pretty good work" is the best.

Hiding your data and still quoting the results removes you from the practice of science. Allowing, or encouraging people to make fundamental policy decisions on outcomes you are not willing to document and support is sinful.

A core tenet of scientific study is that results should be independently reproduced. Real scientists hunt for people to reproduce their results.

  (IIAS, PhD in EE)

Comment Re:This may be slightly off-topic, but (Score 1) 91

Ya know, alot of these 'summaries' are not really helpful, so I'll take a shot :).

QC for the most part can be thought of in the same fashion as convenetion computer
science, qbits == bits, 'transistors', memory ... etc.

The really cool part, and the part that makes it very interesting to many, is a certain property
of the qbits. Normal bits are independent, each being calculated and contributing to further
calculations on its own. In a QC, then qbits are 'entangled', which can result in one qbit
being effected by the calculations being performed on another. Knowing this, you can
design algorithms to perform certain types of math much much faster than a normal
computer could. Notice that the speed up isn't in clock rate, or individual calculation rate,
but rather in 'bang for the buck' in each calculation. This can change the calculation time for
a big factorization, for example, from 'next millennia' to 'next week', and more inportantly,
if you add a bit to the number you are factoring, the calculation time for a QC would raise
to '1 week+1 minute', whereas a convention computer's calculation time would go from
'1 millennia' to 'life of the universe'.

For an example of such a QC algorithm, see's_algorithm

Role Playing (Games)

Mythic Shutting Down 63 Warhammer Servers 137

Gamasutra reports that Mythic Entertainment is consolidating a number of their Warhammer Online servers to keep population levels within an acceptable range. 43 servers are set to close in North America and Oceania, and 20 more in Europe. Mythic posted details of the character transfers at the game's website. CEO Mark Jacobs also made a "State of the Game" post, highlighting the live expansion that's currently underway, as well as the changes and updates they have planned for the near future.

The Most Influential Games In History? 254

Kotaku reports on a list published recently by Guinness World Records which credits Super Mario Kart as the most influential console game in history. "Tetris ranks in at number two, according to the list, and the original Grand Theft Auto is in the number three spot. Where does Super Mario Bros. turn up? Way down at number 17, beneath Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas." Several other franchises have multiple entries on the list, such as Final Fantasy and Resident Evil. What console games have influenced you the most?

A Gates Foundation Education Initiative Fizzles 459

theodp writes "Three years ago, Sarah-Palin-bogeyman William Ayers published a paper questioning the direction the small school movement was taking (PDF) with the involvement of would-be education reformers like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. And now, after $2 billion in grants, Bill Gates concedes that in most cases his foundation's efforts in that area fell short. 'Many of the small schools that we invested in did not improve students' achievement in any significant way,' said Gates. Bill does cite High Tech High as one of the few success stories, but even there has to limit his atta-boys to the San Diego branch — the Gates-backed Silicon Valley High Tech High closed its doors abruptly due to financial woes (concerns about the sustainability of Gates-initiated small schools were voiced in 2005). Not surprisingly, some parents are upset about the capital that school districts wasted following Bill's lead."

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