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Comment Re:Phone Screen mirroring? (Score 1) 117

I completely agree.

Automakers, why waste time, effort and money re-engineering around Android and other OSs? With regards to navigation and other functionality (listening to podcasts, streaming music), my Nexus 4 gives me all I need. What I need, is a car that supports the needed Bluetooth profiles, a screen mirror and a good "car mode" app or launcher.

Comment Re:Shame it had to come to this... (Score 1) 322

If could have fully utilized the PS3 for my needs, I'd have purchased it and games. Since it cannot, I didn't. I can think of several games that I'd like to play (and afford to buy). But why should I give Sony my hard earned money for a device that doesn't "do everything"?

I'm not interested in piracy.

Our opinions on multiplayer online differ. I've no interest in the Xbox.

The Xbox (XBMC) is a good example of what is possible if console makers would be more open and allow homebrews. XBMC is touted as an excellent media center. It lives on, on multiple platforms even after the death of the original Xbox.

Comment Can Sony really detect it? (Score 1) 322

I think, at this point it is supposition that Sony can detect the use of a backup. If they can, how does that make you feel if you legitimately own a game and back it up? More importantly, what else do they know about you and what are they doing with that information? I'm not talking about piracy, I'm talking about your rights as a consumer and your rights online.

Comment Shame it had to come to this... (Score 2, Interesting) 322

It has been years since I owned a console (Turbografx 16), after reading about the power of the Cell, I wanted to get a PS3. Not just for games but for Linux! However it turned out one couldn't full harness the power of the PS3 with Linux. So, I didn't get one. Thru the years, I'd check and see if any breakthrus were made or if Sony changed their stance. Well, with the release of the Slim models, the stance changed all right.

Since I own a N900 (Great hardware, great OS, great community! Nokia however is frustrating.) and seeing the release of PSFreedom was interesting to say the least. However at the moment all one can do is backup one's games. While it will be interesting to watch what happens in the homebrew scene, where does that leave those like myself that would want to do something legitimate with the PS3?

In my case, for years I've wanted to port KnoppMyth (now LinHES) to the PS3. Now, it seems that things maybe falling in place that would allow that. However thanks to corporate decisions and the law (DMCA), I probably won't be able to do so. Talk about crippling innovation.


MythTV 0.23 Released 214

An anonymous reader writes "After six months of our new accelerated development schedule, MythTV 0.23 is now available. MythTV 0.23 brings a new event system, brand new Python bindings, the beta MythNetvision Internet video plugin, new audio code and surround sound upmixer, several new themes (Arclight and Childish), a greatly improved H.264 decoder, and fixes for analog scanning, among many others. Work towards MythTV 0.24 is in full swing, and has be progressing very well for the last several months. If all goes according to plan, MythTV 0.24 will bring a new MythUI OSD, a nearly rewritten audio subsystem capable of handling 24- and 32-bit audio and up to 8 channels of output, Blu-ray disc and disc structure playback, and various other performance, usability, and flexibility improvements."

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