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Submission + - Microsoft blows up SharePoint with SP2

certain death writes: "Microsoft seems to have issued another Service Pack that expires SharePoint. They have sent out emails to their customers, but this just adds more overhead to managing a Microsoft Infrastructure. Quote from the email sent as follows... Hello Team, We take product quality seriously and make every effort to avoid and resolve issues that adversely impact our customers. Unfortunately, we have recently discovered a bug with Service Pack 2 (SP2) that affects all customers that have deployed it for SharePoint Server 2007. During the installation of SP2, a product expiration date is improperly activated. This means SharePoint will expire as though it was a trial installation 180 days after SP2 is deployed. The activation of the expiration date will not affect the normal function of SharePoint up until the expiration date passes. Furthermore, product expiration 180 days after SP2 installation will not affect customer's data, configuration or application code but will render SharePoint inaccessible for end-users. We are working to release a hotfix to automatically fix this issue. A manual work-around is currently available and involves customers re-entering their Product ID number (PID) on the Convert License Type page in Central Administration. For more information and detailed steps please read this KB article. (The KB link is not currently active; it will be available within the next 48hrs) We want to assure our customers that this issue does not impact data integrity or their SharePoint deployment in any other way. For your convenience, below are some answers to questions that you may have and we will update this blog post with a link to the hotfix as soon as it's available. A Blog post on the MSDN site sums it up. http://blogs.msdn.com/sharepoint/archive/2009/05/21/attention-important-information-on-service-pack-2.aspx"

Submission + - CNN Tries out the Slashdot format

certain death writes: "CNN Has released a "Beta" version of a new service named iReport which seems to be user submitted news stories with the catchy and buzzy worded intro as follows:

"Welcome to iReport.com from CNN!

Welcome to a brand new beta site for uncensored, user-powered news. CNN built the tools, you take it from there. All the stories here are user-generated and instant: CNN does not vet or verify their authenticity or accuracy before they post. The ones with the "On CNN" stamp have been vetted and used in CNN news coverage."

While this seems interesting, it also seems pretty familiar...I wonder if they will rate folks with the same wonderful system that the original uses... I can't seem to get rid of my bad karma..."

Submission + - id software to release more cellphone/DS games

certain death writes: "Mesquite, Texas-based id Software plans big push into cellphone games

Mesquite-based id Software, the company that revolutionized computer games in the 1990s with titles like Doom and Quake, is now taking aim at the lucrative world of mobile games.

The company is announcing today the creation of an internal division called id Mobile that will make games for cellphones and Nintendo's handheld DS game system.

id has been dabbling in the cell phone market recently with the release of Orks and Elves for Nintendo DS. John Carmack's wife will head the new division within id.

Article located here: http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/bus/ptech/stories/DN-idmobile_15bus.State.Edition1.4a396d2.html"

Submission + - Daniel Lyons of Forbes admits being snowed by SCO (none)

certain death writes: "Daniel Lyons of Forbes Magazine has admitted to being snowed by SCO with concern to the law suit over Linux and SCO code. He specifically mentions the GrockLaw folks and wonders when his crow will show up, seems he has some ketchup ready to mask the flavor. Anyone who has been following the SCO debacle from the start has probably read some of his one sided (SCO) aritcles. Article can be found here (print version) http://www.forbes.com/2007/09/19/software-linux-lawsuits-tech-oped-cx_dl_0919lyons_print.html"

Submission + - SourceFire aquires ClamAV (sourcefire.com)

certain death writes: "Being on the mailing list for SourceFire, I recieved notice on the 17th that they had acquired ClamAV. They are stating in the mass mail they sent out that they will keep the ClamAV project open. They have setup a FAQ and some other informational pages linked from their main page on http://www.clamav.net/ SourceFire has already setup a product page located here http://sourcefire.com/products/clamav/. Here is the actual content of the email that was sent by their Chairman and CEO Wayne Jackson. It leads one to wonder how a community project can be "Bought" and why if they are keeping it open source would they want to do this?

To Our Valued Customers,

Today Sourcefire® announced the acquisition of ClamAV(TM), a leading open source gateway anti-virus and anti-malware project. This acquisition is consistent with our commitment to open source and our experience in balancing the needs of our commercial customers with continued investment in the open source community.

ClamAV is an open source network anti-virus and anti-malware toolkit designed for broad-spectrum malware detection. It provides a number of utilities including a flexible and scalable multi-threaded daemon, a command line scanner and an advanced tool for automatic virus signature updates. With nearly 1 million unique IP addresses downloading ClamAV malware updates every day across more than 120 mirrors in 38 countries, ClamAV is one of the most widely adopted open source network security projects worldwide.

Many critical market segments depend on ClamAV's ability to identify deeply embedded threats such as viruses, trojans, spyware and other forms of malware. These include:

Unified Threat Management (UTM) Systems
Secure Web Gateways
Secure Mail Gateways
While we are not making any specific product announcements related to ClamAV at this time, we do anticipate offering products based on ClamAV as a part of our Enterprise Threat Management product family in the latter half of 2008. In the meantime, Sourcefire intends to offer support and training services to the many users of ClamAV beginning in Q4 of this year.

Sourcefire is committed to investing in and advancing the ClamAV technology, just as we have with Snort and Snort.org. Sourcefire is absolutely committed to the continued distribution of ClamAV and the ClamAV malware database as an open source solution under the terms of the GPL.


To learn more about this transaction, please visit: www.sourcefire.com/products/clamav/.


Wayne Jackson
Chairman and CEO
Sourcefire, Inc"


Submission + - Dell catching on to the "No Trial ware" sc (dell.com)

certain death writes: "It looks like Dell is finally catching on to the fact that people do NOT want a bunch of "Trial Ware" on new PCs. They are now offering a PC named "Vostro" that comes stripped of the crapware and with either Windows XP or Vista installed. The initial config is a bit short on memory, coming with only 512 megs, but it seems they are listening to people now. This may be in response to the fact that Wal-Mart has started providing low cost computers with only OpenOffice installed, and no Trial software. The base model starts at $399.00 and comes with a 19" LCD. This is still a bit more than the Wal-Mart model, but perhaps better quality hardware. That remains to be seen.

From the Dell advertisement:

You spoke. We listened. Introducing Dell Vostro — not just a new line of small business PCs, but a commitment to do more for your small business. They're powerful, completely customizable and backed by dedicated small business-trained technicians. Right now, get a Vostro 200 Mini Tower powered by an Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core Processor and complete with a 19-inch monitor for just $399. But hurry — this offer ends today!"


Submission + - OLPC Used for Porn surfing! (yahoo.com)

certain death writes: "The One Laptop per child initiative was meant to do well, but recently, it appears that the children from Nigeria are more interested in searching out boobs! It seems that they are using the OLPC lappys to surf pr0n!

FTA: NAN said its reporter had seen pornographic images stored on several of the children's laptops.

You can read more here http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070720/od_nm/nigeria_ pornography_dc;_ylt=AjxBJixMvsiBpCIOe6sp.wHMWM0F"


Submission + - New ultracapacitors may mean the death of batterys (technologyreview.com) 1

certain death writes: "According to Technology Review a Texas based company has developed a new Ultra Capacitor that could possibly make Lead Acid and Lithium Ion batteries a thing of the past.

A secretive Texas startup developing what some are calling a "game changing" energy-storage technology broke its silence this week. It announced that it has reached two production milestones and is on track to ship systems this year for use in electric vehicles. The full story can be read on the technology review website located here. http://www.technologyreview.com/Biztech/18086/

This would be extremely great if it turns out to be true, what is your take on it?"

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - MIT to offer entire course cataloug online FREE.

certain death writes: "Coming from CNN via Reuters,

BOSTON, Massachusetts (Reuters) — The Massachusetts Institute of Technology will become by year's end the first U.S. university to offer all of its roughly 1,800 courses free on the Internet, a school official said on Friday.

"We started this project because MIT believes that one of the best ways to advance education around the world is through the Internet," said Anne Margulies, head of online curriculum.

Online students will not be able to earn an MIT degree or have contact with faculty at the university, located across the river from Boston in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

MIT launched its "OpenCourseWare" program in 2003 and already offers hundreds of courses online. A small number of other U.S. schools are following suit. Stanford put some classes on line last year and Bryn Mawr plans to do so soon.

Last month, 1.5 million users went to the MIT course site, sampling offerings like Cognitive Robotics, Inventions and Patents, and Superconducting Magnets.

Most users — 60 percent come from outside the United States — gravitate toward the subjects MIT is best-known for: computer science, physics and mathematics, Margulies said.

Even MIT students who pay thousands of dollars in tuition fees for each course use the free online service to study for exams or sample what courses they may want to take on campus, Margulies said.

I am not sure about everyone on /. but this is an awesome opportunity to take some great classes for free, though the credit does not apply toward a degree, it gives all us Uber geeks who wish they had been able to have some of the professors at MIT in our lesser universities. Computer Science is currently online, as are some other very nice stuff."

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