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Comment Join the mailing list (Score 2) 15

Kolab is a pipe dream, it suffers from a lack of documentation, leadership and upgradability. Install it and successfully get it running, with a single domain, then when the time comes to upgrade, you may as well just build a new server. Upgrades break EVERYTHING. Undocumented changes from version to version. Nearly any modern (since about 1996) email server can handle multiple virtual domains...Kolab can't, and there isn't any kind of drive from the project to make it any easier to do. It would cut into the competition for their email service if it were made easy. Stick with iRedmail and get a faster, better email server built from nearly the exact components.

Comment Netgear R7000 (Score 2) 427

I didn't read all of the comments, so if someone already mentioned it, sorry. The R-7000 can run Tomato as well as DD-WRT if you prefer. It is an AC router which with the Netgear firmware, you can turn into an AP only. It is a HUGE behemoth, has three HUGE antennas and will take up a pretty good amount of space compared to other offerings. That said, it has awesome coverage and speed. They aren't cheap, around $200 (less if you do a little shopping around). I have had mine for about a month and it hasn't had any issues.

Comment Re: Define "Change jobs?" (Score 1) 282

I have changed jobs every 6 months to a year for about the last 7 years. Most of the gigs were contract or contract to hire, but either the "hire" part never came through, or I didn't want to stay there as a perm slave. I have about 10 more years until I retire, so I am hoping I can keep the job I have now at least that long.

Comment Re:Automotive (Score 1) 158

I wish I had a hundred mod points, I would give em all to you! I have been in IT for about 25 years, I retire in about 10 more, and I plan to be a "mechanic" when I retire. I can work on cars all day and nearly not need to wash my hands to eat! The reason I got into working on cars is because they are a lot like computers. They have an issue, you figure out what it is, and fix it...and I don't require air conditioning/heat or feel sorry for myself if I have to lay under a car.

Comment Relocate? Really? (Score 1) 606

How much do you suppose it would cost for Google to relocate their HQ? Or Apple? The infrastructure alone would cost so much to replicate, it would probably put them into bankruptcy. Okay, they may have made a mistake in choosing their locations initially, but I don't see them changing at this point, the investment has been made...get over it.

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