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Submission + - First 'habitable' alternative to Earth found

ceros writes: European astronomers yesterday reported the discovery of a habitable planet located nearby in the constellation Libra. The so-called "super-Earth" is the smallest of the 229 planets found beyond our solar system. Moreover, it orbits within the "Goldilocks Zone" where temperatures are "just right" for water — and thus life — to exist.

Are Web Ratings Dangerous To Sites? 54

Freshly Exhumed writes "For website publishers, a poor web rating can be disastrous. Bad television ratings mean television shows get canceled, bad web ratings mean websites go out of business. For advertisers, accurate web ratings are critical to optimize spending. Inaccurate ratings data means advertisers will overspend on poorly performing sites or not advertise on smaller sites whose numbers are really much higher than reported. In the case of Canadian web site Digital Home, already hit with an advertising boycott by Bell Canada over the site's pro-consumer editorial content, the site's owner is now in danger of ending operations, apparently due to the inaccuracies of ComScore rankings. For example, Google Analytics reported Digital Home served up over 2.7 million page views in January to almost 250,000 unique visitors. A web buyer at one of Canada's largest advertising agencies confirmed that ComScore reported just 32,000 visitors. Added to this is ComScore's secretly-installed spyware troubles."

Feed Level Of Special Protein Is Critical To Proper Formation Of Muscles, Study shows (

Proper formation of the proteins that power heart and skeletal muscle seems to rely on a precise concentration of a "chaperone" protein known as UNC-45, according to a new study. This basic discovery may have important implications for understanding and eventually treating heart failure and muscle wasting elsewhere in the body resulting from burns, brain trauma, diabetes, cancer and the effects of aging.

Submission + - Microsoft meets deadline on response to EU charges

ceros writes: Microsoft met Monday's deadline for responding to European Union charges in their long-running antitrust dispute and called for regulators to clarify how much it can charge rivals for Windows server information. The Commission needed the response by Monday night and "will now consider Microsoft's reply and decide whether to impose a daily penalty on Microsoft for failure to comply with the March 2004 decision," it said in a statement.

Feed Blu-ray Disc: One million served (

Filed under: HDTV, Home Entertainment

The Blu-ray vs HD DVD format war reaches another milestone, with sales of Blu-ray Discs reaching more than one million sold since the format launched less than a year ago. According to Home Media Research, Blu-ray locked up 70% of high-definition movies sales in the first quarter of 2007 (832,530 to 359,300), and account for seven of the top ten best-selling high-def movies. Even on those few titles available in both formats, like The Departed, consumers are buying more Blu-ray than HD DVD versions. HD DVD owners and fans can still point to sales of their format of choice reaching number one at Amazon recently -- as well as early release dates like The Matrix and exclusives like Smokin' Aces -- but with Blu-ray-only Disney releasing big titles like Cars and both Pirates movies in the coming months, the Blu-ray Disc Association won't be stopping the press releases anytime soon.

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Submission + - Defendant prevails in RIAA file-sharing case

GiveItToMe writes: As we all know, the RIAA has been suing everyone left and right for file sharing but only actively pursuing a handful of cases that it knows it can win. As for the others, the RIAA moves to have them dismissed without prejudice, meaning that the RIAA and the defendant both walk away covering their own attorney fees. But defendants have begun to fight back, demanding that the cases be dismissed with prejudice so that they can collect attorney fees from the RIAA for wasting their time.

Well, a federal judge has now dismissed a recent case (Elektra v. Santangelo) with prejudice, meaning that the defendant can now collect attorney fees from the RIAA. From the Ars Technica article:

This is a scenario the RIAA has been anxious to avoid. Although the record industry has been eager to file lawsuits, it never wants to see the defendants exonerated, even when it's a clear case of mistaken identity. Instead, it would rather just quietly drop unwinnable cases and walk away, leaving defendants to deal with the legal bills from defending against a case that should never have been brought. For at least the second time, a judge has prevented the RIAA from doing exactly that. If the trend continues, the music industry's legal strategy could end up being far more expensive than it anticipated.

Feed Spectacular 'Night-shining' Clouds Could Be A Harbinger Of Climate Change (

Scientists are to study spectacular 'night-shining' clouds thought by some to a harbinger of global environmental change. The spectacular clouds, known as noctilucent clouds, will be probed by NASA's Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere mission, or AIM, to determine why they form and how they change. First spotted in Earth's atmosphere in 1885, the clouds have been increasing in frequency in recent decades and may be related to increases in carbon dioxide and methane emissions tied to human activity on Earth.

Submission + - Palm Announces New Linux-based OS

attarine writes: Palminfocenter reports:
"Palm CEO Ed Colligan officially announced that Palm will deliver a new Linux and open source based mobile computing platform combined with Palm OS Garnet technology on new products later this year.".
Apparently Palm tries to modernize its aging Palm OS 5.x that way, addressing a still large and loyal Palm OS userbase.

Submission + - Imaging the center of the Earth

Roland Piquepaille writes: "Scientists from several U.S. universities had a bright idea. They've adapted the industry tools developed for oil and gas exploration to use the data provided by more than 1,000 seismic observatories to image the Earth's mantle 2,900 kilometers beneath Central and North America. The team wants now to image the whole globe. It also thinks that these new imaging technologies could improve how we look for oil in or beneath geologically complex structures such as the Gulf of Mexico salt domes, but do we really need this? Read more for additional references and an image showing how seismic waves from earthquakes penetrate the Earth's mantle and scatter back at the core-mantle boundary to detectors on the surface."

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