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Comment Everything is awesome... Everything is cool when.. (Score 0) 167

Crap coders rejoice! Your strawman application that some how made it into production for years can now be optimized w/o you having to understand what you were thinking at the time! Seriously, the days of going through and optimizing your code for speed are gone, along with the 8086 with a turbo button.

Comment Re:Religious freedom laws (Score 0) 1168

Close... Grown people choose religion and usually after much "soul searching". We indoctrinate our children into religions which we rarely fully agree with ourselves in a hope that they will understand the religion. We do this because we believe we're going "what is right" and helping the child to a more pure life. However we probably do more harm than good in that they grow up believing "well if my parents believe this shit, that I need to as well." If only we could be honest with our children instead of playing the parent's role all of the time.

Comment Re:The problem with Radioactive Ash is.. (Score 0) 878

This isn't the first. Syria, Iran, and even during Iraq, the Russians have been undermining US efforts. This one is just catching the news because of its absurdity. Plus, IMHO, the US was poking Russia in the eye by supporting the removal of the Pro-Russian Ukrainian leadership - which apparently has backfired.

Just and FYI concerning Iraq: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F...

Why "Father of all bombs"? Because it @#$@ your mother - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G...

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