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Comment Re:Not a proper study, get this astroturf out of h (Score 1) 71

That's not the issue. Active comparitors are standard and make sense: you don't really care anymore whether something works, you care whether it works better than what's available.

The issue here is that they decided not to give the patients who were on only chemo a fake head zapper to carry around for "ethical reasons." In a field where you have a serious conversation about whether you should do sham open chest surgery or not, it's suspicious that they considered carrying around a shoulder bag to be ethically unjustifiable.

Comment Re: Genuine question (Score 1) 1321

Except that electors in the past have cast votes against the candidate they were supposed to support, and in this particular election one of the parties doesn't really like it's candidate anyway. Apparently three republican electors have pledged not to vote for Trump.

It's unlikely faithless electors will change the outcome in this election, but it sure would bring home the point that a large part of the US democracy is really just a suggestion to appointed officials.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 1321

Honestly, that's a stupid "tradition." I'm not American. Watching American elections is like watching a TV drama. The different American TV networks "called" states for one candidate or the other using different criteria, at different times. Hawaii was "called" before *any* votes were counted. Some of the results, including the popular vote, are well within statistical error. And now you're criticizing one candidate because she didn't concede at some arbitrary time in the middle of the night?

Why can't you just wait until the votes are actually counted, the loser says "congrats, you won" and the winner says "thanks, you ran a great campaign?"

Comment Re:Already DeBunked (Score 1) 1321

The "correction" is essentially fitting a model. When you fit a model with a single parameter you have some chance of finding a spurious relationship. As you add parameters that chance gets bigger and bigger. When you have as many independent parameters as data points your model will always fit perfectly.

The number of counties involved doesn't look particularly big. If you kept adding demographic factors to your model it might not be long before you succeeded in making any differences go away.

Comment Re:Casimir effect (Score 1) 711

It's not a problem if the phenomenon causing the thrust is related to some specific rest frame. The magnetic field of the Earth, for example. Also, the existence of the CMBR dipole anisotropy suggests that cosmologically things might be a little more interesting than the t-shirt version of special relativity suggests.

Plus, if it is necessary to toss conservation of momentum, chucking special relativity along with it is a small thing.

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