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Comment Re:Important milestone (Score 1) 156

There was a story on Slashdot a while ago about the world's largest hedge fund replacing their fund managers with computers. That's not really that impressive though, since many studies have shown you can replace fund managers with monkeys flipping coins and get the same performance.

Many of the best learning systems are currently taught in an unsupervised way. They're fed stimuli and form their own internal model. Finally they're given a minimum of supervised training. Like a baby gazing around at the world for a few years then being told that the fluffy four legged thing is called a cat.

Comment Re:Yeah, because I didn't have a fucking choice. (Score 1) 188

You're on Slashdot, so assuming you can use a screwdriver, you can replace the battery in an Apple phone in about ten minutes, for about $20. Batteries on Amazon, or lots of other online retailers. They even come with screwdrivers for the annoying security screws.

It's impressive that your batteries lasted 5+ years.

Comment Re:Yes, Apple keeps the profit (Score 2) 188

When you say "according to" you need to supply a citation, not just "google is that way." As far as I can tell, Chinal Labor Watch has stories (they are stories) about lots of different retailers and manufacturers, including both Apple and Samsung. There aren't any real numbers and there are no comparisons. So calling bullshit on your post.

Comment Re:Confirmed Existence? (Score 1) 162

That's not completely true. There are possibilities for dark matter that absorb light but are compact enough that we don't routinely detect them. Primordial black holes and things like brown dwarfs were contenders for dark matter. Transit studies showed that there ARE a lot of brown dwarf type objects out there, but not enough to make up more than a fraction of the missing matter. Microlensing and other observations have put pretty good limits on the numbers and masses of black holes that can be wandering around, although IIRC there is a razor thin bit of parameter space that hasn't been ruled out that would let them make up a good chunk of dark matter.

Comment Re:Have they added curly braces yet? (Score 1) 187

PEP 8 says that Guido prefers spaces. It doesn't say tabs are bad, and it certainly doesn't say they're wrong. It DOES say mixing tabs and spaces is bad, Python 3 doesn't allow it, and you're recommended to run Python 2 in such a way that it doesn't allow it either.

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