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Comment Re: Use RAIDED media. (Score 1) 611

Backing up to hard drives is good. Backing up to removable harddrives is better (the combination removable tray and hard drive is called "media"). But backing up to RAIDED media is the best! presently, the only company I know of which makes RAIDED media is http://www.high-rely.com. They offer a 3 drive RAID 5 media and a two drive RAID 1 (mirror) media as well as RAID 0 media. They also offer "Softwareless backup". Pretty cool stuff. Bit pricey.

Comment Tandem DXR (Score 1) 399

I've used LINUX tools and such with KNOPPIX, had mixed success. We like R-Studio too. But a good backup is indeed the best. We now recommend software-less backup solutions like the Tandem DXR or FirstRAID G2 products from Highly Reliable. It makes the whole offsite backup problem as simple as the old Video Surveillance tape systems. Making it easy for the customer ultimately produces the most reliable and frequent backup copies.

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