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Comment possible mistake (Score 1) 250

From TFA:

Update: I want clear up a few things. As far as I’m aware all of the Dropship repositories and archives that were taken down was done so voluntarily. Dropbox never made threats, legal or otherwise. It appears the DMCA notice was automatically sent to me when the file was banned from public sharing. There was no real DMCA takedown issued. It was an edge case bug in their file removal system.

So, still stupid, but at least there's the possibility that it wasn't malice.

Comment Re:Doctoring isn't life and death (Score 1) 706

...then you are VERY VERY VERY lucky sir or madam! Congratulations on that.

Most (not all mind you, but most) medical professionals in my experience treat their patients as a means to an end at best, or like meat on the conveyor belt at worst. I won't go to a doctor unless I have absolutely no other choice.

Comment Re:You are wrong. (Score 5, Interesting) 217

Still, the said officials can retain the full privacy of everything that isn't directly work related (IE. What they do on their time off work, what they do during their lunch breaks, whose photo they have in their wallet and what bodyparts have they pierced...)

but but but!... If public servants' privacy off-hours is strictly defended (and I'm not saying it shouldn't be), how does the public keep politicians from using their 'private' time to cut back-room deals on public legislation? Just trust their say-so on the matter?

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