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Comment Re:That's a bloody expensive habit. (Score 1) 232

I'm just going to add to your example of what people can do with a tablet, using the iPad as my example because I don't know much about the Surface.

Now, let's say I don't have a computer or an Internet connection.

I can go to a store, buy an iPad with Wi-Fi and Mobile, and then go online and diddle with Facebook, et-cetera. I can setup an iCloud account, which is needed for the Store anyway, use it for email, and so on.

If I want to have the Internet on at home I can order an Internet connection hooked up to my house, wait for the modem to arrive, and then set it up wirelessly - plug modem in, wirelessly connect via DHCP and visit in my Browser, set parameters, surf Internet wirelessly.

If I need to print stuff then I just have to make sure I buy a printer with AirPrint OR I could use an app like PrintCentral to print to any wireless printer, or any printer connected via Ethernet or USB to an Airport Express (unfortunately an Airport Express doesn't facilitate printing to a non-AirPrint printer on its own).

Let's say I want to do a lot of typing? I am currently writing this comment using my Logitech-branded Zagg keyboard (aluminium base and nicely responsive "large" Bluetooth keyboard that attaches snugly without clips to the iPad and protects the screen). Unfortunately you can't attach a Bluetooth mouse though, and I do sometimes get "Stylus Hand" after playing Trainz for a few hours.

If I buy the adaptor kit (I believe the Surface has a USB port already) then I can connect my camera and directly transfer photos and videos to my iPad for storage, editing, and sharing.

If you have a tablet with a keyboard then it's pretty much like having a small laptop. There are times when it's lacking, such as I can do some web design but I don't think I can run a web server for testing (haven't looked too closely) or I can write a book with any one of a myriad of writing programs but I can't do some low level editing of ePub files, but still I can make music, take and edit photos, record and edit films, do 2D/3D modelling for fun or architecture, record and publish Podcasts (audio or video), write a newsletter, create a presentation for the office, organise my finances, and then of course there's all the social apps that help people communicate and find each other (Find My Friends is nifty).

Some people may never really use their tablet's full potential, but that's okay. Most people will never use their personal computer's full potential either, not even if they have Word installed (New Page Break, what's that? I'll just \n \n \n \n \n down to the next page, and make some other poor bugger deal with it when they edit this later.)

Also if you have a personal computer and are willing to experiment you can also attach an external HDD to your iPad after jailbreaking it.

Comment No-one's heard of Caveat Emptor? (Score 1) 357

There's a small connection kit for the iPad which allows the plugging in of SD Cards and USB devices. True, it would be nice if there'd simply been a USB port, but the functionality *is* there, and there's a couple of different file explorer programs that let you muck about with your storage space directly.

You can even use an external HDD, although a jailbreak is required.

And where did the reviewer buy his keyboard and cover, and why separately? I bought a Logitech Keyboard Case for AUD$70. It's effectively a "full size" keyboard, considering the size of the iPad, and it covers the screen with an aluminium shell when the iPad is tucked away - it doesn't latch on to the iPad but "holds" it with rubberised grip around the edges, so some people may want to use a different case.

There's a few leather ones with keyboards, but one I find most interesting is The Brydge. It attachs to the iPad like the lower half of a laptop and effectively turns the iPad into a 9" "MacBook".

Comment Re:Updated TOS (Score 1) 313

You can buy Snow Leopard (or any version of Mac OS X when they were released) on either the Apple site, at an Apple store, or from a registered retailer.

It is the full version - current price for Snow Leopard is US$29 I believe.

There is no such thing as "upgrade" versions of Mac OS X, i.e. you don't need an older disc to install the new OS. You can upgrade, OR you can simply use the new DVD/Memory Stick to wipe the HDD of your Mac and reinstall the new OS completely clean.


Tens of Thousands Protest In Cairo, Twitter Blocked 167

Haffner writes "Protests in Cairo, Egypt have now reached the tens of thousands. Police have deployed water cannons and tear gas. I am writing this live from Cairo, where I witnessed a throng of 1000-3000 march towards Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo. I also witnessed 300-500 protesting on one of the bridges heading downtown. Most importantly, twitter has been blocked by many national carriers." Why Twitter? As reader pinkushun writes "Using Twitter and Facebook, the people instigated a series of fast-moving, rapidly shifting demos across half a dozen or more Egyptian cities. The police could not keep up – and predictably, resorted to violence. Sadly this has led to three known deaths thus far." Update: 01/26 02:05 GMT by T : Jake Appelbaum is tweeting up a storm about the state of the active filters.

Nuns Donate Their Brains to Alzheimer's Research 148

Many Catholic religious orders are participating in a long range Alzheimer's disease study. Rush University's Religious Orders Study began in 1993 and tracks the participants' mental abilities through yearly memory testing. In addition to the annual tests, the study subjects agree to donate their brains. From the article: "The researchers sought members of religious orders, hoping they would be willing to donate and would not have children or spouses interfering with that arrangement at the last minute. More than 1,100 nuns, priests and brothers across the country representing a wide range of ethnic groups are taking part."

Comment Re:There is only one number they can be sure of (Score 3, Informative) 258

Hmmmm, wonder if that has anything to do with Australia starting life as a British penal colony? Sorry, couldn't restist. /don't have anything against Down Under

No offence taken, mate. According to the state records of New South Wales, our first policemen were convicts. :)

The following is from The NSW State Government Archives:

Historical Background

In August 1789, Arthur Phillip established a night-watch which came under civil control. It consisted of eight of the best-behaved convicts in the Colony. This was the first Police force in the country.

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