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Comment Re:Now see, it's hyperbole like this (Score 1) 462

RTFA before you get so angry. The idiot is the one posting the slashdot story, not the original author. Your assaults on reporters is ill-founded in this case, bucko.

From the article: "The United States is now enduring its warmest year on record, and the 13 warmest years for the entire planet have all occurred since 1998, according to data that stretches back to 1880."

Comment disagree (Score 1) 181

I don't really agree with the conclusion that it always comes down to one monopoly or another. Be the BEST, and RESPECT your customer. You'll have continued success, guaranteed. If you start sucking *coughgooglecough* then you'll eventually need to turn to exploitation because your innovation and passion have left the building, and you've hired too many stuffy white shirts pushing an short-sighted monopolistic investor's agenda.

Comment efficiency (Score 3, Interesting) 835

The #1 thing we can do to combat energy inefficiency, which is the only thing we really need to do, is switch from an economy that maximizes profit at all costs, to one that minimizes waste. It's THAT simple. Seriously.

The question is, how is this even possible? Well, we need a department of government that analyzes products and their life-cycles and somehow comes up with a waste quotient that takes into account production waste (this is where renewable energy use comes into play, and makes my post not off-topic) as well as product waste (so that companies will be incentivized to make products that last), and somehow work this into a tax scheme that eats into the profits. Boo-yah. Done

Comment Re:Conciousness is an emergent property (Score 1) 729

Do you really think, never in the undocumented history of earth at least, that beasts of the past didn't have the same level of consciousness as we do today? It's hard to imagine, but it seems you're putting a heavy link between the level of technology and consciousness. On the surface it appears to make sense. But I don't see why serpents couldn't have had a golden period with say... conscious flying dragon. Dude, who knows?

Comment Re:Palaces? (Score 1) 290

Perfect pitch: Yes, to some it comes naturally after years of making music, to some it doesn't. Perhaps to those in the latter category, their approach to making music was different than the approach in the former. And perhaps the approach in the former was conducive to obtaining that "perfect pitch" ability. So it's not innate, but nuture, if this is true. Which of course is your opinion against mine. :P

Submission + - Ray Kurzweil Isn't Worried About Climate Change (pbs.org)

lavrentia writes: Feeney: A lot of climate scientists say that we have about 10 years to turn the situation around, otherwise we’re going to hit this tipping point and we are all doomed. So you think we’re going to make it?

Kurzweil: Even if those timelines were correct, there will be quite a transformation within 10 years and certainly within 15 or 20 years. The bulk of our energy will be coming from these renewable sources. So, I think we have plenty of time. I think we can make it to the point where these renewables are taking over. And I think there are reasons besides climate change to move away from fossil fuels — that whole oil spill, remember that, that’s not climate change, that’s just pollution. But I don’t see a disaster happening before we can get there because it is pretty soon at hand.


Submission + - Wind-Powered Car Travels 5,000km Across Australia (inhabitat.com)

An anonymous reader writes: German television host Dirk Gion and engineer Stefan Simmerer recently completed a 5,000 km (3,107 mile) journey across Australia in their aptly titled Wind Explorer, a lightweight electric vehicle powered by electricity-generating wind turbines and kites. The 18-day road trip gave way to three world records for the Germans:the first time a continent has been crossed by a wind-powered vehicle, the longest overall distance covered exclusively by awind-powered land vehicle, and the longest distance covered by such a vehicle in 36 hours.

Comment Re:The situation is much more complicated than tha (Score 1) 364

you make a good case, but the issue I have is akin to media and the freedom of speech. We US citizens all have the freedom of speech, and we're all told that we are all created equal. However, he with the most money, when you combine these two facts, has the most power.

So... in a world where knowledge is power, and it's only costing pennies on the dollar... why should he who pays more be entitled to more consumption of information? Because you *know* the usage tiers will be price-gouged.

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