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Comment And Performance (Score 1) 74

Not to mention the CPU and memory performance hit you take. Every antivirus tool probably has a missive database of every known virus, even from 20 years ago it's checking every file against (with any hope a file hash binary search). Norton's virus definition grew from like 25MB in 2008 to 220MB in 2013.

I routinely pause my antivirus when copying tons of files around or when installing known to be good stuff. As soon as I pause the scanner everything speeds up. even if you have a quad core, every file has to be inspected by by a scanner before the system or disk gets the files.

Comment Re:Have I lost my mind? (Score 1) 378

Exactly what it sounds like.

Humans have gut bacteria. These bacteria are required for the gut to function properly. In some cases a person can lose theirs following a course of really powerful antibiotics ...

Fully agree, I’ve been health my entire life and haven’t had any heath problem and was in great health and even slightly underweight, but after going into the doctor about a year ago for what looked to be an ingrown fingernail I thought might need to be cut out, but instead my doctor just prescribed me a heavy 10 days course of antibiotics and sent me on my merry way. I never felt fully healthy or the same since ever since. It was only after the first or second day of antibiotics that I started reading about the full effects of antibiotics and once you start you’re not supposed to stop... In hindsight, my finger was healing on its own slowly and I probably should have never taken those antibiotics the doctor prescribed because it “looked like it might be infected”.

I’m not going back to a doctor again unless I’m on my death bed which will probably be much sooner now after those poison pills. I’m really starting to distrust the medical industry; half the commercials on TV now are for pills or hospitals. Why do hospitals and health offices need to advertise? It feels like the health system is becoming the new car dealerships and service garages for your health and is just trying to make a quick big buck on the lack of transparency and informed choices you can make.

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