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Comment Definitely Community College (Score 1) 467

After working 25+ years, I was approached by my manager to take course work in Statistics. It seems they had determined they needed another statistician and wouldn't I like to be it? After some consideration and talking it over with my family, I agreed. Before I could enroll in grad school, however, the math department decided I needed to retake Calculus since it had been almost 30 years since I took Calculus in college. I took the first semester at a local community college for about $150. I took the second semester at a local private university for about $4,000. (Fortunately, the company paid my tuition!) Despite the difference in tuition, I found the CC version of Calc I to be at least as thorough as the more expensive semester at the private university. In some ways, it was more rigorous, although your mileage may vary. I would suggest that a CC probably has more experience in teaching calculus to students that are struggling with the concepts than a larger university where the students are expected to have some level of expertise. I was lucky - I remembered much of my calculus and got As in both classes, then started classes in Applied Statistics. I completed my degree in 2.5 years with a 3.86 GPA while working essentially full-time as well and raising a family. It's fortunate -- the company and I parted ways due to being outsourced, so if nothing else, I have additional fodder for the resume and proof the old dog still knows a few tricks.

Comment Blame it on the children! (Score 1) 381

This conclusion doesn't surprise me at all. That's probably about the age when many people are having children. Most children get their energy by sucking it out of their parents. The process takes brain cells with it -- that's why the children get smarter and the parents get dumber.

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