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Comment Re:Meanwhile in Canada... (Score 1) 100

good article on how things stand in Canada as of May.

It is worth noting that SHAW is increasing it's Cap on its higher end rape options, i mean subscriptions. June 7th 2011

Shaw's High Speed plan caps for High Speed will jump from 60GB to 125GB. The Extreme from 100GB to 250GB. Other plans will at least double their monthly allowance.
as well, Videotron and Telus have increased there Caps to 170GB and 250GB

Comment I was hoping for a more comprehensive set up... (Score 1) 139

I have often thought it will only be a matter of time before our Cars would have access to other cars habits.

If enough cars were fitted with its own GPS systems, and these systems recorded its average movement, this information could then be shared to other cars with in its vicinity, share not only its average commuter information but the average commuter information that it has gathered for other cars around it too.

Basically a tether of info, ideal for rush hour traffic. The GPS systems can then take all this information, Current and historic, and help direct the best coarse of action for each driver on a per second basis.

Submission + - SPAM: Some Of The Most Preferred Card Video games For Yo

kiethvega1127 writes: Uno is a game virtually everybody has played. Uno is wonderful for the reason that it can be tailored to suit young children of all ages. If your youngster is quite young and not ready to comprehend complicated rules, you can disregard the cards which entail skipping turns, drawing excess cards, and you can disregard the wild cards. With older kids, you can make use of the whole deck and you're probably to locate all by yourself in quite the Uno battle with your progeny. Be assured that even if you're playing your ideal, you'll lose to your young children from time to time, and they'll like it!

Card video games give a wealth of educational and enjoyment possibilities for little ones. Even at their most formative phases, children can master about words and figures from card games. Card video games will increase their focus and boost their logical reasoning skills.

"Inform me and I will forget ... Display me and I may perhaps keep in mind, Include me and I will discover and recognize..."

Let's look at why the enjoying of personal board video games can make a huge impression on your child's long term.

one)Games reveal a great deal about a person's behaviour.

As you watch and listen to your little ones, many people playing the game and yourself as properly, do they/you...
  • Get dropping nicely or are they a sore loser?
  • Boast about winning?
  • Cheat to win or to acquire an benefit?
  • Bend the rules?
  • Argue above modest particulars?
  • Have a game method or just react to cases?
  • Have to have it all NOW and can't delay their gratification?

Plato reported, "You can learn about extra about a man or woman in an hour of play than a 12 months of conversation."

two)Monetary Video games make a safe natural environment...possibility taking is encouraged.

Some little ones know that it is much better when you don't 'have a go' mainly because they could set on their own up for failure. When they play economic board games, they are ready to take risks and not be penalised also much.

3)Personal Video games give you feedback about how you are taking part in.

You and I know that, when we make a error in a game, we rapidly try out to proper it. I keep in mind my brothers and dad and mom letting me know and they would suggest what to do. Does that sound acquainted to you?

Father and mother, these games also give you the prospect to comment on your kids' behaviours.

four)Economical games increase the finding out procedure of your youngsters.

When our youngsters are enjoying these video games, they are using many distinct understanding processes...speaking, listening, watching, perusing, crucial considering and moving. They are also understanding to do the job smarter, not more challenging.

Isn't that what we want to do with our dollars? Have it function SMARTER, not harder?

Losing and generating cash are a significant piece of the serious planet. By being concerned, our kids' learning is accelerated and stimulated.

5) Monetary games train our kids precious economic abilities while they are obtaining enjoyable.

When our kids get funds, they get handle more than their monetary future. pbs kids

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Comment Re:Benchmarks! (Score 1) 240

sorry i should have said "making it less a "serious" gaming console in the eyes of many "serious" gamers."

I too chose the PS3 over the Xbox, for all the above reasons. It is a serious gaming console. and by serious i think we mean, Great graphics, and hardcore games.

The Wii 2 may have equal quality in graphics next time around, but the Wii 1 is some how is not thought of as serious... It has a very large library where most games are intended to be FUN. but fun isn't "serious" anymore. Zelda and Mario have been pushed aside for blood and guts.

As for a PS4, if they could take the PS3 and improve it as much as the did from the PS2, i would be in for sure. i doubt a Wii 2 would be able to compete, but we will see.
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - why is apple so slow at releasing Mac Pro's (

cdpage writes: Apple releases new products a few times a year, but when it comes to their towers, they really take their sweet time, which is odd. For all the markets they are in, Towers seem like the one that we would see the most updates in, Hardware in towers are update all the time.

so why doesn't apple do the same?

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