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Comment Re:Come on, guys. (Score 3) 477

The county jail were Keith would have been residing is heavily infiltrated by the Church of Scientology's Criminon program, i.e., there's an extremely good chance that he'd be sharing quarters with a bunch of newly zealous Scientologists.

Coupled with the organization's stated and written policy to destroy and "dispose of quietly and without sorrow" all who criticize them, I hope it's not too hard to see why it's not as simple as you're saying it is.

Being a political prisoner is only valuable if you live long enough to publicize your cause, particularly if it's not a well-known or sensational one.

And I fail to see how seeking asylum in another country is ipso facto a "grave error... legally and morally." We encourage others to come to the US under similar circumstances (i.e., the accused believes they are dealing with a kangaroo court and have been prosecuted for political reasons). Isn't it hypocritical to brand asylum seekers as morally wrong when they happen to be coming from the US?

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