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Comment Re:nope, didn't get any of that. (Score 1) 128

(*) All the source code is freely available online, there is no indication of desire to charge for or limit use of the code, and it's built as an extension to the FOSS project 'Jenkins'. That said, no license is explicitly given. I could be incorrect about the project being FOSS

The code is under the Apache license (personal favourite :-)

Comment Re:nope, didn't get any of that. (Score 1) 128

Fantastic analysis. Hyperlinks were invented for a reason! As the poster, I like this response as it makes me look really smart and contriving. The reality is however that the whole project is motivated out of humor . Breaking the build can be quite negative and we've found that humor is a great way to brake the ice when these things happy. Slashdot is a great way to spend the word and bring a few more smiles to the faces of developers everywhere. (Reading the comments of course is also a good way to bring a few smiles :-)

Submission + - Lava Lamps are for Pussies! (

cdance writes: "Traditional Lava Lamps, and of course email, are the tools of choice to notify your dev team that the build in your continuous integration system is broken. However, lava lamps, just like pink curtains and shag pile, don't really fit into the culture of many modern development teams. There is now a solution. Retaliation is a new Jenkins CI build monitor that automatically coordinates a foam missile counter-attack against the developer who breaks the build. It does this by playing a pre-programmed control sequence to a USB Foam Missile Launcher to target the offending code monkey. Development, unit testing and build scripts just got a little more fun and "productive"!"

Comment Paper Not Ink! (Score 1) 540

I did some calculations for a project I worked on at PaperCut Software. The true environmental cost is not the ink, nor the printer, put the paper. The energy and environmental impact of paper production is scary. It takes 17 Watt hours just to make one sheet, or 8.6g of CO2 per sheet! (see here for details Saving the holes in the ink is not going to do much. The real savings are saving paper. For example, many of the schools running our print quota software see a drop in paper by up to 80% over free printing. That's a lot better for the environment that a few empty holes :-)

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