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Comment Re:There is only one REAL argument... (Score 1) 690

Mr. Newt.. FYI (and for those of you others suffering from the misconceptions born of ignorance) .NET is a marketing moniker referring to the ".NET Framework(s)" Of which there are 3 (1.0, 1.1, and 2.0) and each has had a version of VB targeted at the framework, VB 7 (1.0) VB 8 (1.1) and VB 9 (2.0). While most people (myself included) are happy to use the shorthand, pressed forward by MS marketing of VB ".NET" as a 'catch all', they are 3 distinct versions and if one gets into the internals, you will find that they are in fact referred to as such (that is versions 7,8 & 9). Just as VB is an evolution of BASIC (which I started coding on the TRS-80 model 1...) the move to ".NET" was indeed a major evolutionary step forward for the language it still is "VB" (if for no other reason than because "the Man" that owns it says so). And yet you manage to completely miss the point that the most important argument for using or not using VB (what ever the version) is productivity.

If the poor sole that bothered to ask the question to begin with gets this far down in the pile of irrelevant banter it comes down to making (or not making) the case that the work will get done in half the time if I use (C#/Java/Pizza, whatever...) and therefore it will (or won't) cost less to do so. At that point a business decision can be made. Of course, before he makes that case he needs to grasp the concept of TCO (total cost of ownership) and make his case (or chose not to) based on such things as maintenance, replacement costs (what it will cost to replace himself as a programmer in this "other" language) , hardware expenditures required to support, etc. While this might sound a bit flipped, I believe that in doing this exercise our original poster may figure that it will be cheaper for him to learn VB than to change the course of an already successful business. (or he may indeed make a business decision of his own and jump ship)

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