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Comment Re:Good luck with that... (Score 1) 247

And actually, just to reply to myself, it's much more usable power as you know when you are going to be receiving it (all of the time). One of the problems with solar is that you aren't guaranteed it, and have to deal with aspects like trying to store it for when it's cloudy. From space it can be used as 'baseload' power as you can be sure that it will always be available.

Comment Re:Strap your Buick to the backyard windmill.... (Score 1) 650

Sorry - I didn't make myself clear. I am all for electric cars. I just never thought about what the equivalent clean energy costs were against petrol/diesel. Your figures are interesting tho. Do you have links to sources?

If the costs are equivalent, that's great. Oil is only going to get more expensive, meaning it's going to get ever cheaper to run an electric car compared to a petrol/diesel.

Comment Bah! (Score 1) 365

I wrote that original post. Fucking BNet have basically taken all my content, hotlinked my image and are not even attributing the work with a link. Great.

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