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Comment Re:HQ Redo (Score 1) 579

In this scenario, why couldn't I create a company "cc1984_ corp"of one employee: me? This company's business objective would be to keep me clothed, fed and generally in good shape. For Any services I render to anyone payment would not be to me directly, but to my company.

My salary would be minimum wage which I would donate to charity (because I'm so nice).

Submission + - UK pub installs Faraday cage stop phones because social media is ruining pubs (

Bruce66423 writes: Mr Tyler said he wanted to force "people to interact in the real world" and remember how to socialise.

“I just wanted people to enjoy a night out in my bar, without being interrupted by their phones,” he told the BBC

“So rather than asking them not to use their phones, I stopped the phones working. I want you to enjoy the experience of going out.

Submission + - This is why I never trused eBooks (

An anonymous reader writes: Barnes & Noble's Nook business in the US is faltering, but that's nothing compared to the UK, where it's exiting and handing operations to Sainsbury's.

The company has posted this announcement on its UK site.

Effective from March 15, 2016, NOOK will no longer sell digital content in the United Kingdom. The NOOK Store on NOOK devices sold in the UK, on the UK NOOK Reading App for Android, and at will cease operation.

In one of the most amazing statements this author has read, the company says it's trying to set up a deal with Sainsbury's Entertainment on Demand "to ensure that you have continued access to the vast majority of your purchased NOOK Books at no new cost to you" (emphasis added).

Comment Re:You shouldn't use one hash. (Score 3, Insightful) 87

Very interesting article. However, it seems to be saying that a concatenation of an X bit hash and a Y bit hash are no better than a third hash of length X+Y bits. My original comment was in respect that md5 . sha1 would be better than md5 or sha1 alone, but even then I'm no crypto expert so I'm prepared to be proved wrong on that.

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