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Comment Be funny, be yourself (Score 1) 698

You can give her advice all day long, but I feel the best approach would be to tell her stories of your life and how you handled things (and might do them differently). Give her videos of you being silly, funny, downright crazy. She'll watch them forever whenever she needs to be reminded how wonderful her father was. Give her a slice of your life, with lessons include, but do it so that she can hear your narrative. That will live with her for the rest of her life.

My condolences to you. I wish you and your family much joy in the months to come, to be a balance to what you'll face.

Comment Seek People That Continually Learn (Score 1) 809

This is a two-sided problem. I'm a software architect and I've been looking for a new gig recently. Most companies don't get you are interviewing them as well.

First up, if I've got tons of experience on my resume, ask me about it. A conversation about what I've done will reveal my depth of knowledge if you know how to question appropriately. If you aren't familiar with the work I've done, use it as a chance to see if I can teach you about it. If I can educate you on an unknown technology during an interview, I'm likely a candidate you are going to want.

Writing code on a board is useless. I have my laptop with me, I even state this, yet everyone seems to want to watch me write code on a wall without the benefit of the tools I use every day. It's like asking a carpenter to build a cabinet and then locking away her toolbox. If you really want verify my skills, send me a test. Or I can point you at my github.

If you insist on playing the puzzle-solving game during the interview, I'll counter back with a similar question at some point. So don't be surprised when the tables get turned on you. I'm trying to determine if I want to work with you just as much as if you want to work with me. Nothing sucks more than being a good engineer and landing in a group of far less skilled developers.

Find those people that want to learn. They will carry your company far if they also have open minds and enjoy collaborating with others.

Comment Kids tell stories (Score 1) 584

It's been my experience that children are always telling stories. Playing with actions figures, dolls, whatever form they come in, ends up being about something. I would suggest that you hook into the narrative she is already telling (princesses!) and start to infuse it with the things you'd like to see. Add in a female character that is a wizard (scientist). Have her do experiments while the princess worries about princess things like her hair. Eventually, I will predict, your daughter will take an interest in what you are focusing on. But this requires time spent in directly interaction with the child at their level, doing what they want to do, letting them lead the narrative, but being a crafty adult and sprinkling it with pointers to the paths you'd like her to take.

Comment Middle of San Francisco (Eureka Valley) (Score 1) 135

I woke up a few minutes before and was just getting back to sleep when it happened. It was a long quake, a good 15 second at least. The room shook side to side with a rough swaying. I started slow (like a big truck driving by the house), ramped up really quickly, held that for most of the time, then damped out.

All Lego displays remained intact.

Comment Do your job and do it well... (Score 2) 274

and it won't matter that you don't show up to every outside team-bonding event. Good people won't fault that you already have a life outside of work. If they do, you might reconsider working there for that reason. Otherwise, focus on the work, be engaged and open-minded, and you'll be fine.

Let go of the age thing. That is all a state of mind. And if applied right, your experience will be valuable. I say this from experience. I'm almost always the old guy now. But I keep my skills sharp and current and I listen to what others have to contribute. My age gives me experience, but I can always benefit from more energy and bold new ideas.

Comment Re:Wrong, it's not the tech (Score 1) 320

San Francisco has tons of programs to help less fortunate people. So I don't buy the argument that we are ignoring history and repeating it. We have people who just don't want to work. Go spend time near Haight-Ashbury. See young kids, not interested in actually contributing to society, instead burning bags of shit in the middle of the street. This is an otherwise normal neighborhood except for proximity to Golden Gate Park, which is now a haven for ne'er-do-wells who then prey upon tourists and the people that live in the Haight. That is just one instance of what we deal with in San Francisco. And we don't have epic blizzards to reset things every year.

Comment Wrong, it's not the tech (Score 4, Interesting) 320

It's having to step over trash strewn everywhere around refuse cans. It's having to avoid unknown streams down the sidewalk and then getting a lung-full of the reek of old urine. It's the constant begging. That is why people are less empathetic. After years of this and nothing working, you have to ignore it or go crazy with the constant assault.

Comment You know that oppressive regime we all feared... (Score 1) 351

well, it's here. Snowden just exposed it, granted in a very crass way. More refinement would have been nice, but that might have cost him doing anything at all. The NSA is out of control.

The US government has no business doing what it is doing with such a vast and broad spying program. I personally am looking at ways to secure my personal and business transactions, knowing I'm in an arms race with every government on the planet who will be trying to crack open my data to see what is inside. I just wish my own government would help me with this instead of adding to the list of entities I have to defend against.

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