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Comment If Oracle still is in use, Oracle WINs (Score 1) 113

Six years of unlimited Oracle software and technical support included in the deal will save the state hundreds of millions of dollars in years to come and ends a bitter legal battle

Oracle wins

So this is how they get their business...they F-up and still win. amazing.

My last job was outsourced for pennies on the dollar, guess Oracle will do the same....profit! Way To Go Oracle, you suck!

Anyone who has had to update, maintain or change a mainframe based system where Oracle is involved understands all too well....pathetic.

Comment Re:Imagine how it would work (Score 2) 84

and they do, do this....

Worked in the Telco industry, we had $15,000.00 Network General Sniffers at each end of a T1 to prove beyond doubt, that the line was cut and it was the Telco's fault.

They denied it 100% of the time, until you produced logs from both Network General Sniffers and the problem was them and not you...every single time...without fail.

You are 100% correct that they will do this to prevent, thwart or at least slow down competition.

The smart move is for Sheri Weiner to lose her seat at the table, she is obviously completely controlled by the industry attempting to prevent the citizens of Nashville from getting FTTH.

Pretty typical of every city that attempts to put in Fiber To The Home, the industry sues and loses at least twice if not three times, but if the citizens push through it, they get Fiber and lower Cable rates to boot.

It is the only way Cable companies ever lower their prices, because its the only way they get true competition.

Comment Minimum education to administer a shot? (Score 1) 327

Perhaps that is the proper alternative....

I plan to keep bees.

One of my adult sons is alergic, does not currently live with me, but I hope will visit once in a while.

At first I thought I would just keep an epi-pen handy, but the shelf life of the medicine is a serious concern.

My father has passed, he was a working Pharmacist, worked his way through Medical school, he would keep some medicines in the fridge and if needed, administer via a syringe.

What is the minimum training required to administer a syringe of anything it is cheaper than the 'idiot-proof' pin with zero risk of administering the wrong long as your eyesight is good enough to read the syringe.

Just seems like a Superior solution in the long run all the way around, though I applaude the Hackers DIY alternative and the actual reality that ones health is ones responsibility and we should all do everything in are power to avoid needing the hospital and pharma industry, period.

Sure hope the industry and politicians never manage to restrict or outlaw vitamins...know big pharma wants them too. We gotta stay healthy or we are screwed, as health care will bankrupt us!

Comment Once Cable is dropped, will never look back (Score 1) 33

Now my preference is FTTH, true FTTH, where the Fiber line goes back to my home and I OWN IT along with my HOUSE.


  • FTTH costs from $1,500.00 to $3,000.00 to run to most homes in a community.
  • FTTH adds $5,000.00 value to the price of the home when you sell, if the FTTH line is owned by the home owner and sold with the home.
  • With FTTH, it costs providers less than $0.50 cents per GB of bandwidth per month. So for 10 GB, the company's cost is ONLY $5.00 per month. (per NTT Exec, where Japanese consumers have had 100MB/100MB, no throttling, for $55 per month or less since the year 2000) The point is the companies that provide Fiber, FTTH, can still make a hell of a profit without the need for throttling.
  • When FTTH comes to a community, Cable prices is the only time that they do drop. They have to, to compete.

Since less than 30 cities have this in the USA, hint Verizon is not true FTTH, just becaue they say 'Fiber' does not make it the way it should be, just the way they did it....

Since less than 30 cities have FTTH in the USA and since 'they' use ALEC to pass anti-competitive legislation to prevent move away from CABLE requires DSL not controlled by a Cable company or TELCO...many locations just DO NOT HAVE even a decent DSL alternative.

DSL's unthrottled 786KBps upstream is better than any CABLE UP TO PROMISE that is throttled back. Always will be, that is why many of us dump cable...they throttle.

If you see a spinning symbol, indicating what you are attempting to watch is 'spooling' your UPSTREAM BANDWIDTH is being throttled to less than 768KBps period. To prove this is simple, purchase a WRT-dd, Tomato or OpenWRT firmware supported firewall/router and you can see your bandwidth in REAL TIME. Every day, every hour, all the time.

Every Cable company that I have had, throtlles bandwidth 99% of the time. The only time they do not throttle is when you run the SPEEDTEST, than that PIPE opens all the way up. The millisecond the speed test ends, you are immediately throttled. This proves a few things:

  • you are THROTTLED
  • extra bandwidth exists, thus you DO NOT NEED TO BE THROTTLED...of course than the cable company could not charge you more for less.

Locally owned Cable companies, owned by the town, or by a residential area, might be better, actually allot better than TWC, Comcast, Pioneer, etc..., but you are still throttled.

Thus when I cut cable, and I will in the near future, I WILL NOT WANT TO GO BACK, unless I have no other alternative...this they know, thus they use ALEC to pass anti-FTTH legislation in many states (14 US States and counting have outright bands).

You want freedom, jobs, improvements in your local economy, get FTTH. if you can not, well than your politicians are part of the problem, replace them or watch your area die economically.

Comment Conspiracy Fact, again...Re:Or (Score 1) 537


Loved how you laid out the statements made and how real they actually are.

These days its more likely to be Conspiracy FACT, than a Conspiracy Theory....especially when it comes to the 1%.

Don't know if they control 50% of the Wealth in the entire world, it would not surprise me. Do know that 9% of Americans control 90% of the wealth in our country. And the fact that they get such a large percentage of Americans to think that they have a shot at getting were they are just proves the fact that marketing works.

I took that Smallest Little Political Quiz a while back, it highlighted a couple of facts:

  • 9% of Americans are truly Conservative, the rest miss-identify themselves.
  • 19% of Americans are truly Liberal, the rest miss-identify themselves
  • 72% the rest of Americans, are very effectively prevented from organizing to upend the status quo.

Before someone chimes in that the Smallest Little Political Quiz has problems, I say to you, it is much more RIGHT than it is WRONG.

The 1% are extremely effective at maintaining control. Should you become successful enough to become a threat, they will either co-opt you or block you from success through new state laws or the courts. They will not let you join the party, you (and I) are useless to them and just consume resources they greedily want for themselves.

The Tea Party was co-opted by the time they had their first convention by the Koch brothers. (Remember there candidate for President was the Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, Republican whose biggest contributor before the Koch brothers was the largest polluter in the state of Wisconsin, amazingly he held onto his seat)

The Republicans are almost 100% co-opted due to their need to raise money to run for election, the 1% have more than enough money to buy you and they do.

The Democrats are not as largely co-opted as the Republicans, not because they are any better, but only because the 1% control the Republicans and Tea Party, they don't need to control more than half the Democrats.

Thanks to their pushing Citizen's United vs FEC, should that BS progress, they will not need either the Republicans or the Tea Party...and thanks to so many 1 issue votes (true evil to any Democracy) they are pretty close to getting their majority on the Supremes. Than it is game over.

The 1% are no different than any other hate group, they love themselves and hate everyone else.

For my kids, I am working hard to set up businesses that will provide them and their descendants lifetime incomes, basically what the 1% have done since the beginning...I can't join them, don't want to join them, but do want my own descendants to have a shot at a decent life where 'Right to Work' for less states, 1H1B Visas and other Anti-America-Job activities will effectively kill any possible career they can try for before they can obtain a salary high enough above poverty levels so that they have a shot at continuing to build what I have started for the long run it is about cash flow (what ever cash the current economy uses) and food independence (so that they do not spend everything they have just to survive.)

Sadly with Agencies that police clean air and clean water getting regulatory captured and their budgets devastated to the point they can not possibly enforce laws that protect are air and water....the chances of our descendants staying healthy enough not to be raped by health care is getting harder and harder.

And speaking of rape, should my daughter get raped, heaven forbid, I would counsel her to abort the baby, why reward the rapist, however should my daughter decide to keep the baby inspite of the horrendus crime done to her, I would support her decision, though IT MUST BE HER DECISION! You A-holes that want to make a raped woman a criminal SUCK! YOU ARE EVIL AND EVERYTHING YOU DO IS EVIL, no matter how you spin it...get off my yard and stay out of my bedroom. ...had to step down off my soap box...ugh, that was ugly.

My father was a doctor, even he did not think his patients should be forced into bankruptcy to afford his care. Thankfully he has passed so he does not have to see it getting continually worse.

While the tone of this post might seem negative to some, I remain hopeful, in spite of the obvious adversity and intend to set up mine...good luck setting up yours. We will both need it!

Comment Jack Welch (GE), Tea Party, Republican WET DREAM!! (Score 1) 286

Mr Welch is famous for wanting to put a factory on a barge and anchor it off the cheapest labor source country available, even he did not expect to be able to get away with his low wage crap in the USA!

Tea Party and Republicans want Right to Work for Less, will say its unfair, but secretlly love it. As their Koch Brothers and other Citizen United enriched cauffeurs push for...after all you don't support their anti-labor pro themselves BS you will be primaried.

WOW, $3,500 is all it costs a company to get away with this...that is super cheap. Can you hear the flush of high paying tech jobs increasing to India because of this. A better solution would have been to put the business out of business.

After all the Supreme Court, thanks to Citizen's United, has judicailly stated that corporations are people, time for a few of the bad actors to get the Death Penalty.

So many states, Republican and Tea Party controlled, are failing financially right now, when will people learn, their polices (all of them) do NOT WORK! They never did, they never will. This BS started in the 80s, with President Reagan, and they could get away with it because this country had a huge middle class (huge supply of families with money that could buy goods and services). Both parties, Republicans and Democrats have slowly whittled away at the middle class to the point that the wealthy 1% can no longer maintain the economic viability of the country...thus we get recession, depression and low wage jobs.

Low Wage jobs are not an equitable replacement for Higher wage middle class jobs that have been lost and will never come back thanks primarily to the Republicans and Tea Party's unwillingness to do what is right for this country.

So many countries have lost their vertical markets for their products because this cheap offshort labor steals their products and undercuts them in the market...don't look to most Americans to cry for cheap businesses have done this to yourselves.

Ironically insane as they keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result...idiots.

You can not be pro-family and anti-labor.
You can not be anti-single payer health care and pro family.
You can not be pro religious and care nothing for the least among you.
You can not be pro-family and create an environment where two paychecks (from the mother and the father) will not provide the same standard of living as that parent's grandparents.
You can not be only focused on religion and kill families financially, what do they have left to tithe with?
Heck if two parents have to have three or four jobs to have a standard of living less than that of their parents and grandparents...have you really helped them at all? NOPE. This is what Republicans and Tea Party candidates say they are for based on morality...put up or shut up.

Full Disclosure: I am no Democrat, NAFTA was not good for us, but I recognize the only political party at the national level to balance the budget was the Democrats with President Clinton. Republicans and Tea Party have never done that.

And why every vote Republican and Tea Party, they have nothing new and only come up with any plan after being lambasted for not having one...remember the conservative yahoo standing up holding the blank piece of paper at President Obama yelling, here is our plan....telling, very telling.

Say Balancing the budget is not needed, I understand the financial benefit of a very strong economy, yet Republicans and Tea Party fail to learn the lessons of the can not economically pull yourself up in a climate of Austerity with only lower paying jobs being created and expect that to happen.

Hey politicians, all of you, How many high paying jobs have you created today? Last week? Last Month? Last Year? While you were in office?

Jobs that pay under $14 per hour do not qualify.

If one company can do it, others can, but won't.

In n Out pays (for a decade now) a new high schooler $10 per hour. What are the other fast food restaurant's excuses. Don't say you can not, you can, you don't want to, nor do you have to.

In n Out Managers (Store Managers) make over $100K.

In n Out is wildly successful, everything fresh, nothing frozen as Texas will find out as it expands east once suppliers are lined up. You won't go back to MikeyD's, Wendeyes, Bugger King, etc... if you have an In-n-Out nearby. And their meal deals are cheaper to boot.

The container store pays their employees $50K per year! If they can do it...

One west coast restaurant insists their Managers only work 50 hours, no more, as they want them to have a family life (life outside of the restaurant) and be better managers when they are at the escapes me...but if they can do it the others could, but don't, wont. Their turnover is much lower and we all know this saves the company money.

Is your employee turnover rate higher than the average for your industry? Fix it or fail. The fix might be higher wages and better hours...get use to it.

Imagine the boost to the economy if the supply side increased thanks to higher paying salareis. I can imagine it. This is the only thing that will work!

Since the 1980s, the policies of the political parties have not been working. VOTERS are INSANE to do the same thing and expect a different result. Stop listening to their lies. Do your own homework. After all we all want our children to be better off than us, don't we?

And don't say it will spoil them to inherit money, that argument bolsters the 1% against everyone else. You need money to make money. It is that simple.

People lament jobs and buisnesses relocating overseas (for tax reasons) yet wont mention Tarriff and Trade Policies which historically (pre 1980) controlled this bad behavor. To glibly say it won't work and businesses will locate elsewhere is BS, if our economy is booming businesses will want to sell their products here. If they have to build it here and pay equitable wages thanks to smart tarriff and trade policies, they will.

One thing we know, if a company does NOT HAVE to do it, most will not. Sad but true. They honestly do not care about their employees....their loss

Stock buyers will say they want organic growth, yet when a business grows and needs to hire thousands of people, increase in labor, what do they do...punish the company...ironic..yes, but true.

Enough of the wet dream, it will never work...if you can not garner votes with your policies, time to change your message and do what your voters want. If not, and your Citizen's United financed campaign still loses (as it will eventually) don't complain to us...we saw it coming even if you did not.

Privotizing public things, never makes them cheaper forever...perhaps for a year or two, but down the roald, those public things get more expensive and the private entity that is enriching itself will push money to those Republican and Tea Party candidates to do more of the matter how it destroys the US economically and financially.

Please learn and will come to the same conclusions if you use the brain god gave you. I know my friends and I did. Dogma kils your kids. Wise up for their sakes or they will suffer at the hands of those you vote for.

Comment Retire from any job in 10 years using Homework and (Score 1) 120

Your only security is the money in the bank (or investment).

Even if your house is paid off, you still have to pay your property taxes, insurance (home and auto), food, water, power or you will lose that home.

Here is what I wish I knew 10 - 15 years can learn from my mistake (I am successfully doing this today as you should be.):

Follow Jim Cramer's Homework and Buy method of investing. Watch Mad Money Monday through Friday on CNBC at 6pm EDT. Pay $199 for his Action Alerts and follow along until you learn how. Read two of his many books: 'Sane Investing in an Insane World' and 'Get Rich Carefully' and follow his method of investing and you should be able to retire by year 8, 9 or 10 even with a minimum wage job. (And as a Programmer, you better be making more than minimum wage!)

No more fears of age discrimination by age 35 to 45 any longer as they need you, but you do not need them. That is real power and real stability, how much money you can generate each and every year for the rest of your life. As long as you are dependent on others, you will be at risk to become a laid off programmer that many will not hire. Heaven help you after 45 if you still have to work...our society does not want you to receive a retirement any more. And if that 401K is not managed by YOU...the reason its not growing are the hidden fees sucked out each and every year by whomever manages it for you. Waht a farce.

Here is how I got the $140 per week:
$14,336.00 = ($7 per hour * 2048 hours per year) (takes out vacation, sick, etc...) = $14,336.00 per year in salary.
- $5,160.96 ($14,336.00 * .36 percent tax rate, hopefully you have an accountant and are not paying 36%.)
$ 9,175.04 ~ (after tax yearly income on a job paying $7 per hour, should you get taxed at the max rate of 36%)

$ 176.44 ~ ($9,175.04 / 52 weeks)
$ -140.00 ~ saved each week to be ready to invest and not touch for at least 8 years....
$ 36.44 ~ what you have left over to live on, after taxes and saving $140 to be invested.

$ 140.00 ~ If the minimum wage is raised to $11 per hour, you will be able to invest $140 and have $140 per week to live on. Perhaps if your car is paid off and you have no mortgage or rent payment you can do this...good luck if you do not do this while you are programming and making better than a minimum wage. Still would be hard if you have to many monthly revolving expenses above and beyond mortgage or your self a favor and limit any and all revolving charges.

Assumption: You save $140 per week in an account ready to be invested. When that account reaches between $750 and $2,000 you buy 20 - 25 shares of a stock costing between $30 and $80 per shares (see break out below). If you do this for 8 years, you will be close to $125,000.00 in your stock portfolio and earning more than $20,000 each and every year for the rest of your life.

Here is how it could work for anywone, even with a close ot minimum wage or minimum wage job.:
$140 per week ~ minimum in an investment account, when that account gets up over $750 dollars, buy 20 - 25 shares of a lower priced stock that you have personnally done the homework on.

  • When you reach the following levels of savings in your stock market investment account you can purchase at least 20 shares of stocks at the following price levels:
  • Savings ~ The number of shares at what
  • to Invest ~ dollar amount you can invest:
  • $750 ~ 20-25 shares in the $30
  • $1,000 ~ 20-25 shares in the $40s
  • $1,250 ~ 20-25 shares in the $50s
  • $1,500 ~ 20-25 shares in the $60s
  • $1,750 ~ 20-25 shares in the $70s
  • $2,000 ~ 20-25 shares in the 80s

$125,000.00 ~ Takes 8 - 10 years if only investing $140 per week. Faster if you invest more per week. Assuming you reinvest all the proceeds, assuming a 20% return (extremely conservative, I am over 30% and have a shot at 50% return this year) within 8 years you will have amassed this level in your stock investment portfolio.
$20,000 per year ~ The amount you can be sure you will earn on your $125K portfolio for the rest of your life. Probably more, this is very conservative. You will never fear that you will lose your paid off home because of property taxes, cost of insurance, etc...
$250,000.00 ~ Amount of your portfolio, 2 or 3 years after it reached $125K. Compounding is your friend and helps you amass wealth faster the more you have. At this level ($250K), you will never have to work at anything you do not want to again. You will never lose your home if its paid off. You will be able to afford vacations multiple times per year.
$50,000.00 per year ~ The amount you can be sure you will earn on your $250K portfolio for the rest of your life. Probably more, remember I am being extremely conservative.
. . . It only gets better from here, because you learned the value of deferred gratification and the compounding effect of money / investments.

This only works if you follow Jim Cramer's Buy and Homework method of investing talk in to the two books mentioned above. There are no short cuts, the more you make and put in investments, the faster you will reach true financialy independence.

Yes the market is rigged (google 'Flash Boys' its all true, and you can get ahead in spite of it) for those that trade in large volumes, however individual stock pickers can get ahead by following Jim's advice.

Investment income is taxed at a 15% rate, lower 10% if you have a great accountant and are very wealthy. Its how Mitt Romney managed to get a 10% tax rate that everyone talked about in the last presidential election.

Don't let those that have benefitted from our system, pull shut the gates behind them and hurt the rest of us, never let them raise the tax rate on investment income. After all in most cases, you have already paid tax once (sometimes twice) on that income, so why pay more a second/third time. Enough is enough.

Comment Re:Transcript... (Score 1) 120

Just wait will 2040, when your job will be outsourced to dozens of 3rd world countries...

Don't have to wait, just had a second job outsourced to India last year. And so many others have had jobs outsoruced since 2005, so no need to wait another 26 years...been there, already happened, can't afford the T-Shirt to prove it.

Still find it funny when one of these outsourcing company's steal a company's trade secrets, code, products and eventually their vertical market thanks to that outsourcing. How about that, you really do get what you pay for! Who would of thunk it.

Back in the 90s, there were a group of middle IT Managers and IT Directors that would be assigned the new shiny 'golden' project initiative that the company was pursuing to increase revenue and theoretically grow. Right before the project would completely 'fail' they would jump off it and wait for the next new golden 'shiney' thing the company wanted to pursue. You see these new golden projects get the budget and they make more money.

It amazed me that Human Resources never reviewed the many golden boys that kept getting assigned the new projects, had heavy turnover and jumped ship before it failed. You have to allow your people to 'fail' and learn, however what is with letting them do it the third, fourth and fifth time again? Have they had any success? Then why are you allowing them to shmooze their way into the company's budgetary coeffurs again? Look specifically at that Manager's 'turn-over' rate (of experienced professional programmers, Engineers and Systems Analysts) and cut them off. There are other roles that do not impact direct reports that they can do for the company, you don't always have to fire them....

So someone is laid off, no surprise there any more. A gap in their resume, means they were smart enough to bank enough money not to have to work for just anyone. That they could pick and choose. After 10 years if you are not doing this, the Universe help you, you will need it.

To avoid being grumpy, program for yourself, release your own product and only pursue IT Specialist, Support, Systems Administration, Engineering Technology, Product Management, Project Management, ScrumMaster, Product owner type of roles with other companies.

Only code for others if you have a great salary, profit sharing and bonuses...the 'great salary' lets you avoid well meaning startups that might have good intentions but fail for other reasons. Unless you are independently wealthy, than stick with startups and do it for the love of doing it, not the salary. It only takes one to hit for you to never need to work again.

Hey HR Departments, check your Manager, Director, VP's personnel turnover rates. Are they higher than industry averages? Great you found your problem, now do something about it.

Many people get into management for the wrong reasons and the power goes to their head. If they can not motivate and keep their people, perhaps they should not be managers. For your company's sake, HR Directors, do your job and put them somewhere productive that they can no longer hurt the company. After all it does cost real dollars, especially in time, to hire good people, stop letting these incompetent Managers ruin it for everyone. How much do they cost the company because of their inability to manage people.

And if your Manager's role, their job description, does not include allot of time to actively working with, coach, mentor and motivating direct employees, stop calling them a Manager, they're not.

If you want to be a great manager, does your company's objectives reward you for working with and actively managing direct reports? If not, take the hint and look for a company where you can be an effective manager, where you are now, they just don't care. This breeds the wrong type of environment and you will constantly lose your best engineers and programmers because of it.

HR you tell us that turn-over costs the company money, put up or shut up...actively monitor and review your 'Managers' and 'Directors'.

It really is simple. Keep it that way!

Comment Re:NG/Coal kills. Nuclear might in an extreme case (Score 1) 216

...The radiation levels in the Chernobyl exclusion zone are similar to those measured in high elevation cities and sky resorts, yet people live there for centuries and they seem to live longer and have slightly lower cancer rates than those living at sea level.

Thanks for pointing out that those at higher elevations (lower elevations get radiation in precipatation not just wind) get more radiation that the rest of us. In fact radiation that finds its way up into the jetstream in Japan (for instance...pine trees on a mountain with an updraft every spring as the pollens are released) can reach the West Coast of North America in less than 48 hours. And Cesium-137 will continue to be released into the environment around Fukushima for the next 7 years minimum as no one has the technology to stop the leak, much less clean up all the ground water in the region.

Ground water sucked up and found in the Cesium-137 laden pollens in plants and pine cones (already measured and reported on by scientists).

Doctors were reporting an increase of babies born with holes in their hearts in the Ohio valley through to Pennsylvania after the Fukushima disaster. They were told to stop reporting the additional defects which in their expert opinion were significant and could not be explaned by other environmental factors. You will not see any stats as they were surpressed as were the radnet radiation filter readings across the US for weeks after the event. When changing the filters more frequently did not lower the radiation levels, they simply turned them off...stopped reporting anything.

Many of us were monitoring the jet stream data showing the radiation, and were shocked when the data was changed before our very eyes from that evening to the next morning. Much more conspiracy fact than anything else. We saw this with our own eyes. It did not help that people were given permission to see the raw data before it was changed and had copies of it, so there was no doubt that data was modified after the fact.

People can handle the truth...its the industry that is polluting and killing that can not handle the truth. My guess is you are among those that deny reality, without researching for yourself. I guess you would suggest that US nuclear plants do not experience leaks into the rivers they reside near, almost every week. The official reports state otherwise, granted the radioactive isotopes released are often short term in duration. The fact that they were released speaks enough to the 'safety' of the plants. Fortunately for those of us that bother to look, we see the reports, we know better.

All one has to do is open their eyes, search, question the official reports and follow experts who have no reason to lie any longer as they are no longer beholden to that industry for their livelihood.

Most of us are drawing our conclusions from the very official reports the industry is required by law to produce. It (Nuclar Power) is not pretty, safe nor cheap. Reports like the one mentioned above that measure radiation levels and show that those levels have not fallen (around Chernobyl) as expected. And the reports on Fukushima when reviewed by (Nuclear power) experts who understand the presence of one radioactive isotope indicates uncontrolled fusion is still happening (true for weeks after the Fukushima disaster) when the industry is stating fission has stopped. And the reports that indicate a cold reactor in less time than the known radioactive isotopes could have possibly broken down and approached inert in 10 to 20 half lifes. We understood the experts to mean that if its not in the reactor, its been released into the environment. It has to go somewhere. Cesium-137 can not approach inert for at least 300 years. Think about it. Are they still spraying water, I have not bothered to check in over a year. If they are, that too is pretty awful as they can not contain the amount of water needed to keep the reactors cool, thus that radiation too, has to go somewhere.

Its laughable, the idea of storing Cesium-137 laden water for 300 years, while they continue to spray more water. As if Cesium-137 can be broken down faster than 10 half lifes of 30 years each or 300 does not take a nuclear physicist to see the flaws in that line of thinking...

The nice thing about scientfic fact...its not conjecture, conspiracy theory or heresay. Nope, just the facts are enough to prove its neither safe nor cheap (sic nuclear power).

Only the uninformed or a shill would state otherwise, in light of the factual reality revealed in the industry's own official reports.

Comment Re:NG/Coal kills. Nuclear might in an extreme case (Score 1) 216

You've been bamboozled. Nuclear power is quite deadly.

Thanks for posting that report. I skimmed it quickly and did not see heart disease, holes in the hearts, genetic defects related to the heart mentioned specifically.

Cesium-137 is absorbed by heart muscle. As the report pointed out, the levels of Cesium-137 had not only NOT dropped but were found to be higher than expected given the 30 year half life of Cesium-137.

While many think it only takes 10 half lifes (10 * 30 years = 300 years) for Cesium-137 to approach typical background levels. I believe 20 half lifes if more accurate. (20 * 30 years = 600 years).

So obviously more Cesium-137 was released in Chernobyl than reported.

Move ahead to Fukushima, where experts have stated that no company or government currently existing on the earth would posess the technology to stop the leak for a minimum of 10 years (a decade) and it boggles the mind that anyone would say that Nuclear power is safe. Wait until the Cesium-137 laden pine cones release Cesium-137 laden pollens each spring for the next 7 years (probably longer) and than lets talk. Better yet lets develop the technology to stop the leak and contain the radiation and than lets talk.... Remember if the reactor is cool, its leaked into the ground....

Haven't most of the Nuclear plants in America reached the end of their 20/30 year lifes already? Yet they are not being mothballed as expected. More accidents waiting to happen.

And don't say we need Nuclear power, we do not. When all the reactors were offline in Japan, they only experienced rolling brown outs for a short duration until they adjusted their usage to the lack of nuclear power. Granted the Nuclear power industry pushed way faster than even the Japanese wanted to get them back online...less we all learn the truth that Nuclear power is a canard, not needed to generate electricity, only needed to generate weapons. Especially dipleted uranium and worse weapons.

Follow the money to find the truth.

Speaking of money, its also true that Nuclear Power is extremely expensive. It can only be seen as cheap when costs are hidden. Lets say you cover the build out costs and the moth ball costs, which rarely are accurately revealed when talking about cheap nuclear power. Lets look just a re-casking of nuclear fact lets not look at radioactive isotopes that have a half life of 240,000 or more years. Lets look only at Cesium-137 that supposedly has a 30 year half life.

Casking starts to crack within 50 years. They say it has a 100 year cask life, but that too is a wee bit of a stretched lie. Within 50 years they start to crack. How much does it cost to re-cask? How many millions? (And we are not talking about a disaster like Chernobyl where the entire building will need to be re-casked in the very near future at a cost in the multiple Billions ($20B plus)...we are talking about re-casking Cesium-137 for only either 300 or 600 years. Let take the smaller number...300 years.

Cesium-137, 30 year half life, must be maintained casked for 300 years, re-casked every 50 years or 6 times at what cost? And we are not talking about only one re-casking for all the Cesium-137, but a re-cask for each rod that contains Cesium-137....

How much does it cost to re-cask one rod? If you cask more together, the radiation will cause the cask to crack sooner, as it will be concentrated. How many rods at how many millions per casking?

No Nuclear power is not cheap. Its insane to ignore the facts and expect a different result...

I just don't get the people who deny reality. Obviously they have an agenda and it does not help yours or my health at all. Even worse, they are so evil, that they are willing to radiate our children's children for the next 300 years! Pathetic fail.

There are worse radioactive isotopes with much longer half lifes than Cesium-137, however the measurements at Chernobyl, the reality of Fukushima show us that we will live and die with it for the next 300 - 600 years...and that is if there are no additional disasters.

If the Energy Industry refuses to shut down reactors at the end of their planned life..that its not if another disaster will happen, but when. Nuclear power is not safe and it already costs us more than our kids can stand to live with.

It would be gone already if not for the millions of dollars made from selling weapons. Just get real and be honest.

Comment Re:Can we get a tape drive to back this up? (Score 1) 316

Most of us gave up on tape for most of our backup needs long ago. ITs just so much cheaper to backup to TB hard disks. Especially if you exchange them with a family member for offsite storage. They are just too cheap today, to bother with tape, would be cost prohibative.

Also lets you avoid additional monthly costs for internet based backup storage and the associated additional bandwidths costs that must happen if the Cable industry is allowed to deny FTTH and consolidate any further. Cable providers are already throttling bandwidth to get people and companies to pay more for bandwidth. That can only get worse without FTTH.

Besides the last time I went down the tape/cartridge route, the Sydos tape units stopped being made and when mine broke the writing was on the wall to find a better home / Small Office Home Office (SOHO) solution. Hard drives attached to a LInux box was the best solution.

An LTO-6 drive costs about $2500, and it stores 2.5TB of data on a $50 tape. That is about half the price of a comparable hard drive. If you have more than 100TB of data to store then tape becomes cheaper (that is, the savings for the tapes exceeds the cost of the drive). Tape is also a bit less fragile during transport/etc, and likely more reliable than optical media unless you buy the expensive stuff (which certainly isn't any cheaper than tape).

Your comment got me to thinking, how much might one of these cost? Granted the article mentioned that there is not a price on the 8TB Seagate drive yet. So I checked on pricegrabber for 6TB drives...

I was surprised that you could get 20 of them for $11,742.61, or $587.23 per 6TB drive, if you were willing to buy them 20 at a time. Pretty cool. As the link shows the price varies from $600 to $1000 depending on who you buy one 6TB drive from.

A small storage case that will hold 4/6 drives can be got for $30 per a easy home backup system using hard disks are easily within reach. Even better get an embedded linux system, the smaller the better, and hook that to it for the best Internet / Cable / TV / DVD - DVR recorder to watch movies and TV shows. Just erase them like we use to do with VHS tape when you are done. Pretty amazing...8TB, WOW.

Comment Re:My opinion on the matter. (Score 1) 826

They are trying to ?uck up unix and linux on purpose...

They try to kill it in a thousand different, little ways. A million little cuts... I couldn't agree more. All the while, those same companies use as much of the so called 'free' stuff, often without giving back in kind, as they can.

...There is very little money in "free" linux, compared to old school commercial Unix that was the other way around, too much money, per seat per click licenses, that made people seek lower cost alternatives, such as Windows.

I would disagree that there is very little money in 'free' linux...using Firefox as one multi-million dollar company. There are a few others. Though to your point, not as many as their should be.

Your per seat per click comment about people seeking lower cost alternatives in Windows got me thinking about how pathetic it is to have a so-called corporate 'IT Manager' come in and cut the good stuff, while saddling the company with bills for the less effective solutions. All the while framing it as if its 'cheaper' when its not. Its only cheaper if they phrase the argument so that their solution is cheaper. But they do try to say its cheaper, don't they.

The cost of just MS Office, which every desktop in a corporate MS environment gets, skews any thoughts of it being a lower cost alternative. I have seen some insane per seat per click, per desktop costs in the recent past. No way is the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) cheaper for Windows... Not for Oracle either...better off with least they fixed the stuff in MySQL that Oracle would not allowed to be fixed so that they could upsell Oracle. That is another conversation...

Instead they cut labor costs and tech support costs...pathetic.

What I find ironic is that even the push for auto updates/upgrades which was suppose to help everyone so much (what a joke) has fallen flat on its face. One company I recently worked for, fired all their windows tech support / updaters and are not bothering to patch, update or upgrade systems anymore...

Heck I thought Microsoft layed off too many people to have time to provide updates for their products any longer...

How cheap is too cheap? I guess its all fun and grins until you and/or your company gets hit. Viruses are just the tip of the iceberg...offshoring companies stealing your private data, products and customers costs a heck of allot more.

And the people who made these decisions, got profit sharing, bonuses and left the company before the reality of what they did came to light...amazing and ironic.

Comment Re:Just don't deal with Americans (Score 1) 251

Loved your post, esp the reality that Version which is just as bad... as the Cable true. While FIOS is better than Cable, usually, its not Symmetrical and they still throttle / limit bandwidth.

There are less than 41 communtiies with Symmetrical / Synchronous Fiber To The Home (FTTH).

DSL is usually better than throttled Cable internet. (You don't want DSL from AT&T, or affiliates of Cable providers, do your homework to avoid problems) And the price of DSL, $30 or less...often $15 or less, is way better than FIOS. Just move to a true FTTH community. Do not waste your time with Verizon FIOS or anythingG (ie. 3G, 4G, 5G, etc...).

Warning: if you do get service from FIOS...get in writing that FIOS will NOT cut your premise wiring while installing theirs, (if they cut it, they should replace it or do not accept their service). Too many have complained that Verizon does this to cost you $200+ (to run new uncut premise wiring) if you try to switch away from them. There is no other reason for their techs to cut your premise wiring when installing FIOS.

Just say no to 20Mb/4Mb, 100Mb/10Mb, 100Mb/5Mb, etc... if the upstream (second value) is not the same as the downstream value, that provider will throttle your service.

Is the upstream bandwidth the same as the downstream bandwidth ie. 10Mb/10Mb, 50Mb/50Mb, 100Mb/100Mb, 1Gb/1Gb, etc... than that fiber might be Symmetrical and Synchronous, meaning the provider will not throttle your bandwidth.

FIOS is not Fiber To The Home (FTTH). FIOS is not Symmetrical. With true FTTH, there is absolutely no business incentive to throttle bandwidth as that one fiber link goes from the switching station (best if owned by the community) to your home. Its not shared, thus no reason to limit it. Remember that FTTN, FTTP share parts, which ultimately end up allowing/causing the provider to limit your bandwidth un-necessarily.

Best of all, it costs a $1,500 - $3,000 to run that one link of fiber to your home and increases the re-sale value of your home by $5,000. In communities where this is successful, that link is owned by the homeowner and sold with the home. The providers compete for your service at the community owned switching station, meaning there is plenty of competition and you fire the bad players when they mess up. Added plus: FTTH communties have cheaper Cable internet surprise there.

Comment Re:Is there an counter to this? (Score 1) 251

This is way too much effort, unless you happen to enjoy yanking some chains over the phone. Here's how you quit Comcast: (1) Disconnect every piece of Comcast equipment in your home. (2) Load it in a box, and put the box in your car. (3) Drive to the nearest Comcast customer center. (4) Dump the box on the counter and tell the rep: "I wish to terminate my service immediately." No one will argue with you. You have completely bypassed Comcast's customer retention process by doing this. Pay the amount due on your bill, get a receipt with a complete list of the equipment you've turned in, then go home.

Its how you quit any cable provider that plays BS games with you...take the equipment to the office, pay the final bill and churn away from them. No time wasted on the phone at all.

DSL will always be better than throttled Cable Internet and 100% of Internet providers throttle to less than DSL speeds!

Someone mod this back up...the only effective way to combat this insanity is to leave them...cut off the service and churn.

Only one exception, if there is no other service available in your area, than your screwed unless you move!

I have been with DSL (not provided by a Cable company) for a few years and love it. All the Cable operators throttle the upstream bandwith to lower than 40Kbps and the downstream bandwidth to lower than 200Kbps and DSL is way faster than this.

To see it first hand as I did, get dd-WRT on a supported firewall/router and you will see the millisecond the speed test begins the bandwidth pipe opens full speed. The millisecond the speed test ends, the service is throttled back to the less than 200Kbps/40Kbps levels.

Occasionally if you are lucky, if you are able to stream video and/or download a video the pipe will open a little more and the download will happen faster.

Ironically, a dd-WRT enabled firewall router reveals this level of throttling with Cable internet 24 x 7 x 365 the pipe is saturated late at night when people are sleeping and/or when others are working during the day. Ironic and pathetic.

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