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The Internet

Journal Journal: DMCA enforcement bots.

Somebody a few days back posted a comment about creating a program that plugged up the bots copyright holders are using to check filenames available on the internet. I took a small amount of time to write one, that's at least somewhat automatically extensible.

The program itself is mirrored on Yahoo Geocities, and the homepage is at

As the homepage server in question is only on a home DSL connection, I've limited the number of connections possible at a time to 30 in my server config. I'll see how the /. effect takes hold, and bump this up a little if the server seems to be handling it ok...If you get a server busy error, try a little later, or just get it from Yahoo, and try the homepage after you've installed the program. Untar the archive from within your apache root directory, and everything will end up in the right spot. Read the readme file, install, and enjoy.

If somebody who gets there first wants to mirror the file and post another link to a fast server in the first message or two, that would be appreciated.

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