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Comment Flextory - An inventory system I made (Score 1) 165

I'm actually releasing a beta of my software/service that will initially have a strong focus on Network Documentation in the next couple of weeks if anyone is interested. I initially created it due to my frustration with Netdoc and it's now gotten to the point where it has various features netdoc does not have while being a fraction of the cost and much more pleasant to use. If you're interested, you can check out the website at www.flextory.com and send me an e-mail if you're interested in trying it out early before the beta launch in a week or two. Also, the site is a bit out of date (it'll be updated for the beta launch). There are more UI enhancements, a Reminder system, attribute data types, an API and more in addition to what's mentioned on the site. The software has also already won a couple different competitions.

The tentative plan is that the beta launch will last for three months and everything will be free. I'll also be more than happy to help anyone with data migration for the sake of getting some feedback on the system. After three months, it'll be a monthly subscription in the range of $50/month or so and I'll definitely be giving early adopters a discount.

Even if you have no interest in ultimately using it, I'd love to get as much feedback as possible on potential new features and bug fixes!

Comment Re:Ideas want to be public (Score 5, Funny) 539

Guy Kawasaki gave one really good suggestion to test your idea: convince a woman

Dude, the guy is asking his question on Slashdot. The odds that he knows any women or has the guts to talk to them if he does are slim to none.

Now if you'll excuse me, the microwave upstairs just beeped. My hotpockets are done!

Why does it worry me that that was modded +5 INFORMATIVE!


Comment Re:It's no worse than being at work (Score 1) 699

I don't know about you, but I pay quite a bit to live in the dorms and part of that price includes the internet access (quick note: Our dorm internet is somewhat separated from the campus wireless network...though, technically its all connected). The dorms are not my work place. I pay them, they aren't paying me. I don't understand how you can compare goofing off with a connection you paid for in your room to goofing off on your workplace's network. They are two different things. You argument is just plain stupid.

Either way, I'm quite satisfied with our connection and its actually one of the reasons I'm staying in the dorms for now since no where else could I get such a fast connection. I personally have no complaints with my university.

Comment Re:There are ~1,308,361 American dead... (Score 1) 164

For whatever reason, I decided to say Hi and Happy Towel day to a use-to-be-friend that I haven't talked to in many years. He pretty much thought I was despicable for mentioning Towel Day on Memorial Day and then started going on about how horrible I was.

Did kind of make me worry about mentioning it to anyone at that rate though...kind of scared me into removing it from Facebook even :S Personally, I see nothing wrong with "celebrating" towel day even though its Memorial Day, and I don't feel I'm disrespecting anyone or not recognizing Memorial Day due to that, but oh well.

Anyone else get shunned today?

Comment Re:Correlation is not causation (Score 1) 1056

FALSE! At least in Wisconsin, as long as you have never had vaccines before and follow all the rules of the waiver your parents signed at birth, you can go into public schools without immunizations.

I am not vaccinated at all and I have never had any problems (I currently attend a public college also in Wisconsin).

However, I am pretty sure now that I would vaccinate my kids, if I were to have any.

Still, I'm kind of offended by some of this because you guys make the people who aren't immunized because of their parents look like bad guys. Sure, I guess I could go get vaccinated, though, I don't plan on it (unless I leave the country), and either way, I already have a stronger immune system than a lot of people, as in I have only gotten severly sick about 2 times or so in my life. (not that it could wistand some of these "terrible diseases").

Oh well, that statement just bugged me because it was so blatantly false.

Comment Re:My own picks of 2008 (Score 2, Insightful) 109

Mario Kart Wii - the Mario Kart formula is looking very tired now and every small way in which this game tries to depart from it actually makes things worse. The simple problem is that this game sticks too many racers on the track at once. Driving skill goes out the window as everything descends into a miasma of weapon-spam. The "balancing" system which gives those at the back of the field a constant supply of super-weapons only makes things worse.

You know, I'm currently on the search for a copy of Mario Kart Wii... However, I find your comment a little irritating. If that's how you feel then you shouldn't have liked ANY of the mario kart games. Quite frankly, the randomness of it is one of the things that makes it a lot of fun. It's not meant to be a serious racing game. Also, considering the good reviews (including reader reviews by thousands of people), I'm probably not too alone. Of course, an opinion is an opinion, but, I love mario kart (though, I've only played the wii one once ...but, the online play is what has me really excited).

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