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Comment Re: This will be denied by all the idiots (Score 1) 373

Nobody is getting rich of government grants. Nobody. Maybe you should break out of your news bubble and stop listening to the people shoveling this crap at you.

I can name one. Jagadish Shukla. And even his story has been swept under the rug by the MSM. How many more are there that we do not know about? Point is, you are wrong.

Comment Re:Sorry, the business world runs 9-5 (Score 1) 421

I understand that some jobs can lend to working from home. Truth is most do not. 1. Many people arent productive when working alone; 2. Staff needs to be available to answer questions quickly for many jobs; 3. In person interaction is necessary for some meetings; 4. ... Not all companies are big corporations with hundreds of staff that just sit around the office doing menial work and dont interact with anyone all day long. Most jobs are in small medium businesses. Many must be at a counter to greet customers. Others needs the tools of their trade which are not at home (machines, etc...). Your view of things is not wrong, but most likely only applies to a small subset of the work force. Do not mistake your situation and capabilities with those of the general work force.

Comment Re:Sorry, the business world runs 9-5 (Score 1) 421

So, if you are running that website and decide to call your supplier at 11pm at night to resupply something that is selling very well, he damn better pick up the phone right? There is a reason why 9-5 exists. Its to be productive, its so everyone at the same time is known to be available. When my client calls me, he expects me to pick up between 9-5 or return his call during that short period, not the next day. When I in turn in to call a supplier, its the same thing. My technicians I send to work, do not want to be called in at all hours of the day and week because a customer has put her kids to bed and decided tonight's the night, lets to the job from 10pm to 2pm. The 9-5 is not necessary for everyone. I agree. But it gives a certain normalcy, expected schedule to most people which allows them to schedule around it and plan ahead. If the women want to be free of that, then start a web business that allows you do run your own hours. There ARE options. Not every job has to cater to everyones needs.

Comment Re:A very good more basic question (Score 1) 723

There is a cost to raising children, I know, trust me.
The money, usually DOES come from the parents income. What planet are you from?
Parents get some tax brakes, but that assumes you dont make much money (this all depends on which country you are in though).

You're right, there might be something of a child surplus given to the parents for the children. But the children do not need the full UBI. They do not and cannot contribute to society... yet.

For the same reason the tax cuts parents get when they have children do not equal a full adults salary.

Comment Re:And how is this not a legitimate point? (Score 1) 243

But then the popular vote would make the bigger states more important than the smaller states.

Small swing vote states are that way because they have an electorate that vote on the issues, and sit on the fence between the 2 parties every election.

Many if not all the large states are mostly slanted 1 way. It would be the same with the popular vote.

You do remember that the USA is a republic and that states come first, then the union.

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