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Comment Only if you don't understand it (Score 1) 435

Technical debt is not about bugs, mostly.

Technical debt is about things like design quality and ease of change. High technical debt code is hard to change. That means that adding new features or fixing bugs is more expensive, takes longer, and is riskier. You pay interest on the debt every time you make a change (or don't make a change because it was too scary because your design sucked).

If you pay off your technical debt by improving the design, adding features and fixing bugs will be cheaper, faster, and less risky.

Comment Thanks (Score 5, Insightful) 256

Atlantis flew a magnificent mission, capping a great career. She, and her sisters, have been great ships and deserve to retire with honour.

Yeah, they were expensive. Yeah, people think robots are cooler. Yeah, they couldn't go to the moon or Mars. And yeah, in hindsight hanging a somewhat fragile spaceship on the side of a booster probably wasn't the best idea.

But Atlantis and her sisters' record of achievement is magnificent, and will probably never be matched. They launched space probes, they conducted research into materials, life sciences, earth sciences, astronomy, and countless other fields. They serviced satellites and space stations, and brought tonnes of equipment back to earth for study and reflight. They provided a convenient platform for experiments and payloads that would otherwise have had to construct their own complete satellites. They did all this 133 times successfully, with only two losses, and in the space business you'd take that success rate any day of the week.

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Submission + - Judge Dismisses Suit Against MySpace

zoltamatron writes: The Texas lawsuit filed by four families against MySpace was dismissed today. The families alleged that MySpace was at fault for their daughters being sexually assaulted by men they had met online. U.S. district judge Sam Sparks wrote in his decision, "If anyone had a duty to protect Julie Doe, it was her parents, not MySpace,"

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