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Comment Re:Baffling to users ? (Score 1) 803

Linux actually has it better over Windows and OS/X in that there is a well-defined place to dump your user's configuration that is *not* part of the Application, so the users don't clobber each other and the configuration stays even if the application is removed. This is to put it in ~/.appname. Windows suffers from a *lot* of potential locations (due to everything being writable at one time), while OS/X has a misguided attempt to put writable data into the application directory.

OS X stores user configuration in ~/Library/Preferences, and always has. While I have seen poor ports try to write things directly into the application, it's clearly the wrong way to do things, works against the design of the system, and just plain doesn't work right for multiple/non-admin users for the most part. The built-in user preferences facilities for developers (Both CFPreferences and NSUserDefaults) use the Library/Preferences locations too, so you'd have to go out of your way to NOT do this.

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 1) 177

Yeah, I think it's just one of those things that's "true" simply because it's repeated so often. I also can't think of a good reason why MS would misrepresent that in their blog so I don't really have any suspicion that they're lying about it. It makes more sense to me that it would be totally custom.

Perhaps because of API similarities that they mention, it 'resembles' a Win2K-era machine from that point of view, and the assumption grew?

Comment Re:Kid Friendly? (Score 1) 295

If you want kid friendly, I'd suggest you look more towards Marvel's Cartoon DVD releases. (Hope you don't mind Amazon links!)
Next Avengers is a fairly cute one where the children of the old Avengers take up their parent's mantels:

Thor: Tales of Asgard is a sort-of prequel to the movie Thor, where all the principal cast is much younger:

They have a bunch of other DVD releases too, but they're not all as kid friendly. For instance, in Hulk vs Wolverine, there's swearing, dismemberment, and blood. I would recommend renting (Netflix?) and screening first at any rate. It's hard to gauge what a five year old is read for without knowing him/her.

Comment Re:Clueless (Score 1) 410

Apple Mac OS X is in fact "actually" Unix: http://www.apple.com/server/macosx/technology/unix.html

They paid the fees for the testing and certification, and made what few API and kernel changes were necessary for the certification back when 10.5/Intel was released. (They never certified the PPC edition)

Also, can you provide a reference for your assertion that it's called "Apple OS/X"? I've been using the platform in a technical capacity for many years and never before seen it written like that, either in marketing or tech docs.

Comment Re:These Things Never Make Sense To Me. (Score 1) 291

At least the way they operate, people electing to Buy/Keep the game from GameFly will know they're getting the code as if they'd bought new - you get the unmolested packaging when you do that including any and every ad, code, or manual that was packed in with the game. They boxes are even in better condition than when you buy new from GameStop; devoid of impossible-to-remove stickers and crud.

It will diminish the actual RENTAL part of the service for afflicted games though, no doubt.

Comment Re:Best Buy + iTunes? (Score 1) 187

Just thought I'd try to be helpful and point this out if you missed it. The one-download policy is gone as part of the whole iCloud thing. You can download any song you've ever purchased from iTunes as many times as you like now, on any authorized device/computer. (Excluding any that have been delisted for whatever reason)

In iTunes itself, you click on the "Purchased" link in the pane on the right of the main iTunes Store 'page'.

Comment Re:Macs will be a closed platform in the end (Score 4, Insightful) 517

I don't share you opinions on their direction, which is OK. But I find it curious to say that Tiger was the pinnacle. We're an all-Mac shop, and we have various machines still running Tiger. We also have Leopard and Snow Leopard around. Tiger is easily the worst to work with, its age shows badly.

And for what it's worth, console login was never removed. Works on all our machines up to and including 10.6.7. Same as it ever was, login as ">console".

Comment Re:Crashes a lot ? (Score 3, Interesting) 308

I skimmed the entire page with Safari 5 (cause the math content made no sense to me!) up and down several times, and reloaded a bunch of times without any issues. Obviously I haven't had it for long, but I've observed no stability problems at all. Is it possible that page is using a special font for the math symbols that may be corrupt on your system? (Wild guess) Did/do you have any Safari "enhancers" installed? Those probably aren't compatible between releases.

Comment Re:I know what I would do. (Score 1) 482

That's where the Barnes and Noble analogy fails.

Apple isn't buying up apps from suppliers to 'stock' their store. The developer has to actively sign up and pay for an account, AND agree to the terms of the App store before they even get to submit an application for sale there. I haven't checked specifically, but they might have even run into trouble with the usage terms in the SDK that they had to agree to before even building the app in the first place. None of that is beyond the developer's control, but they willfully ignored all of that and submitted the application anyway - asserting they had the right to do so.

Comment Re:Must be controlled with a keyboard... (Score 1) 874

Those are different things than the specific setting I was talking about. I checked since I wrote it, though the label (on 10.5 at least) is "Full Keyboard Access", the setting is "Text boxes and lists only" or "All controls", and it is indeed toggled by Control-F7. I do think that the OTHER shortcuts, such as Spotlight as you mention, are always on regardless however.

It also appears that there's a default-on setting called "Full Keyboard Access" that can only be toggled by Ctrl-F1 as far as I can see. That seems to enable/disable keyboard controls like "Move focus to the menu bar" and "Move focus to the Dock"

But the setting I was originally referring to controls the tab-stops in dialogs (And actually, on web forms in Safari). The default is historically more "Mac-like", but I personally greatly prefer "All controls"

Comment Re:Must be controlled with a keyboard... (Score 1) 874

What you're probably missing (besides possibly knowledge of the keys themselves) is that you need to go to System Preferences->Keyboard, and turn on "Full Keyboard Access". (IIRC, Control F7 toggles this setting by default) This is one of the first things I do on any new user account of mine on an OSX system. This allows tab-focus between UI elements in a window same as anywhere else, among other things. With that on, I can't think of much that can't be done from the keyboard alone. Perhaps physically resizing/repositioning a window...

That same System Preference panel has a "Keyboard Shortcuts" tab (might even be the same tab that has the Full Keyboard Access control) that tell you the keyboard shortcuts currently assigned to various system functions (and allows editing them), and then has an "Application Keyboard Shortcuts" section at the bottom which allows you do define both Global and Per-App keyboard shortcut sequences for named Menu Items.

Comment Re:Inevitable, really (Score 1) 270

If I may throw in my own anecdote, I have six friends with an XBox 360, seven with a Wii, and one of these friends additionally has a PS3. Not a single one of them (including myself) has modified any of these or pirated any games for them. But look at our game libraries and the 360 is far and away the biggest for all of us.

I think it's more a matter of the 360 having had a significant head start on the PS3, and a continuing entry price advantage. Since so many games are cross platform, and the PS3 has had so few worthwhile exclusives (obviously opinion) the momentum stays with the 360. If it's a cross platform release, I have no incentive to get a PS3 for it, the 360 was usually the lead platform for these resulting in inferior PS3 ports anyway, and the 360 version lets me add to my gamerscore.

If piracy were really the big decider here, MS's game sales (as reported by NPD) wouldn't be as high as they are.

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