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Comment German cars (Score 5, Informative) 525

Have you compared the average car in Germany with the ones in the USA? Furthermore, in Germany there are mandatory periodic technical inspections, and these are no joke. Half the cars I see in the USA would never pass these inspections. Also, getting a driver license in Germany is HARD, and the average Autobahn driver is very well disciplined compared to his USA counterpart (exceptions exist, I know I know...)

Comment Re:Probably saved more lives with jamming (Score 1) 427

- A passenger is able to recognize when traffic is challenging and stop talking.

You haven't met my wife, who does the exact opposite: When traffic is dense and difficult, I tend to focus more on the road than on what she is babbling about, which causes her to become mad with me, making the whole situation even more challenging.

Comment Re:Already gone to Linux Mint Cinnamon... (Score 2) 245

Yes I did the same for my parents, who were stressed about doing stuff like online banking on an XP machine after support ended. Installation was a breeze, everything looked perfect, amazing OS. It put itself nicely next to the existing XP installation, just in case they really didn't like it. Good to go, but...

Then the little annoyances started: Caps lock doesn't behave like it should (not a US qwerty keyboard), everything is a mix between English and our local language, the included firefox doesn't play nice with the online banking website, and so on. I know that each of these problems is easily resolved by someone that knows a little bit what they are doing, and some google skills (set up capslock behavior, learn to deal with English, included firefox version has known issues with some extensions, etc...). But for people that never even heard of linux before, that use it only for "where do I click for my online bank, and the internet?", this is a nightmare. Ever tried to apt-get somthing over the phone with people that don't even understand why every command has to be typed just right?

Long story short, they still use XP. Next time I am over, I can try to get everything set up right, but for a first user experience, this is very unfortunately a bad experience.

TLDR: Linux, why you always have stupid small problems and shoot yourself in the foot?

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