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Submission + - Streaming the Super Bowl ?

catchy_handle writes: I am currently without traditional means of receiving TV broadcasts and am experimenting with giving up satellite all together. Hulu & Netflix work great. The local news stations in Portland, Oregon are not set up to deliver content over the web. (1 of 4 stations actually works, but does not allow full screen. Murder on a plasma monitor.)

My wife & I thought surely, the Super Bowl would be streamed from some easy-to-find site, like maybe the network carrying the game, FOX. We both searched for hours, nada.

What I am missing? I even wanted to watch the commercials. Is their any financial disincentive to allowing as many people as possible to watch a game?

We keep hearing how the cable/satellite providers are shaking in their boots because of streaming over the web. I'm not seeing what they are worried about.

Comment Re:Maybe it saw something it shouldn't (Score 1) 132

Just happened to finish reading a good book about the history of deep sea exploration "Eternal Darkness", by Robert Ballard. He has been involved in this field since the 1970's & was former director at Woods Hole.

Anyway, the US Navy hired these guys to find the Thresher, and they did. He also discovered the Titanic. Great book, highly recommended.

Comment Re:It's all about the personal value (Score 1) 227

Yes! to own and touch (or even see) a Jimi Hendrix's just a beat up guitar, but it was handled by a master. I could see mounting an author's IBM Model M keyboard in a glass case over the fireplace. Ever since mass production made things common, people have wanted the unique back again. Museums exist to display the patina and provenance of objects. It fascinates us.

Comment Why all the haters? (Score 1) 118

When you grow up, you lose touch with friends. Not everyone is googleable 20 years later. You can only find some people when they come to Facebook.

The default security isn't bad, and don't play the stupid apps. I'd pay $39.99/yr to lose the ads, with that they could build infrastructure.

The recent Live/News feed debacle prompted me to buy a new dead-tree address book to fill in. I hope they don't go away, but want to remain in contact with a few good friends if they do.

Comment Re:Deliver the audio via FM-radio (Score 1) 438

Will look into ReplayGain, never stumbled across it. Can tell you I have trouble with Pandora in this regard. A 'classical guitar' station always needs a boost for the xmitr to modulate well. It's also fairly common to play a CD through the thing so I can listen in another room and it just doesn't sound good. Either clips or sounds like mush, not enough incoming signal to drive the xmitr. This from cd's I wouldn't think are overly compressed.

Have a Squeezebox Classic which is I prefer. It will even scroll RSS feeds (like /.) in its display. You only get the headline and have to manually scroll through the story, but neat anyway.

Comment Re:Deliver the audio via FM-radio (Score 1) 438

Those look interesting, know if any 'auto level' the input? I am using two transmitters from CC.Crane and they work well, but I am always having to adjust the input level pot on the side. Note, you can boost the RF output a bit by turning the trimpot hiding under the sticker on the bottom.

It might be tricky to find a clear frequency if you live in a metropolitan area. But you can set odd an odd spacing like 95.35 Mhz (assuming your receiver will tune that).

Comment This might be good (Score 1) 130

Many towns and cities have been burned by spending millions on a proprietary system only to discover they can't talk to the next town over.

It would be nice if the DHS actually did something useful and put an end to that kind of crap.

This article from 2005 stresses the importance ans suggests using WiFi. Maybe. But the most important aspect is "one digital protocol to rule them all", no matter what band you're on.

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