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Submission + - How to get around ISP port blocks? 1

casualsax3 writes: I'm going to be moving soon, and my new apartment comes with Optimum Online. I have a share on a Windows server that I need to get to over the Internet occasionally, and I just found out that Optimum blocks port 445 across their entire network in New York City (and perhaps elsewhere?). I have two laptops that run Linux, and one always-on desktop that runs Windows. What's the best way to get around the block and get to the share in Linux and in Windows?

Submission + - Tips for taking your laptop in and out of the US? 1

casualsax3 writes: I'm going to be taking a week long round trip from NYC to Puerto Vallarta Mexico sometime next month, and I was planning on taking my laptop with me. I'll probably want to rip a few movies and albums to the drive in order to keep busy on the flight. More important though, is that I'm also going to be taking pictures while I'm there, and storing them on the laptop. With everything in the news, I'm concerned that I'll have to show someone around the internals of my laptop coming back into the US. The pictures are potentially what upsets me the most, as I feel it's an incredible violation of my privacy. Do I actually need to worry about this? If so, should I go about hiding everything? I've heard good things about Truecrypt. Is it worth looking into or am I being overly paranoid?
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Submission + - Top Five Lies In The Managed Hosting Industry (mediapost.com)

casualsax3 writes: Who knows what really goes on in the world of dark fiber and datacenters? The confusion surrounding the inner workings of this industry gives hosting companies the opportunity to dupe customers with fake promises. Unfortunately, this is common within the industry. In today's digital era, every company needs managed hosting, but figuring out which offerings are realistic and critically important for optimum service is difficult. Here are the top five lies in the industry.

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