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Comment Re: Hydogen is just a way to store energy (Score 1) 630

Or, if the gas vehicle is used just for road trips or,very occasional use...don't own one, and rent when needed. No maintenance cost, no insurance cost, and extra space in the garage/driveway. Heck, many credit cards offer rental insurance as a perk, so you may not even have to pay insurance on the rental car.

Comment Re: The wall will be built (Score 1) 832

I generally think the same thing, but only because of the means to the end. It should be an effect of their time in office, not the goal.

I want my elected officials to work towards re-election, but only by faithfully representing the electorate and working in their best interests and the interests of the public. If you represent the electorate well, they will reward you with re-election.

I do NOT want my elected officials to work towards re-election using deceptive and illegal tactics, lying to the electorate, or other nefarious means. Don't FOOL me into re-electing you.

Comment Already abused (Score 1) 94

They are working full time here on my phone lines. One calls regularly and asks if Barbara is home. When answered no, it lets me know it will call back at a better time and hangs up. It is not smart enough to understand she died.

It is not smart enough to know what that better time is.

I get other calls trying to interest me in college. I started asking them if they will answer a capita for me. The fun ones try to find a class for me on capita and want to know how soon I would like to take a class.

Comment Re:The regulations have destryed Dishwashers (Score 1) 481

At one time having done apartment complex maintenance, I found the planned obsolescence is in the hardware, not the software. After doing some failure analysis on some dishwashers, it broke down to 3 primary failure items.

1 the water pump. The pump contains a plastic impeller on a steel shaft. The water seal was on the metal steal shaft. The plastic impeller on the steel shaft would fail when the steel shaft inside the impeller rusted and split the impeller. This resulted in non repairable failure of the entire pump as both the motor and impeller failed.

2 the drain valve. The drain valve, a solenoid operated valve diverted water between the wash cycle and the drain. Much like the rubber toilet flush valve in the commode, this rubber part broke down with the use of chlorinated city water just the same as the flapper valve in the toilet. Unlike a toilet, this valve, often integrated into the pump volute assy was not consumer replaceable. The failure was not obvious to the consumer as the wash water was lost during the wash cycle leaving dirt deposits on the dishes at the end of the cycle. Dishwashers were replaced thinking a newer model would work better than an older model. In reality the performance declined over the life of the valve.

3 The fill valve. The fill valve has a strainer that clogs and is relatively easily replaced, but the valve itself often fails when the plastic permeates with water and the magnetic core rusts. This results in the valve failing to open or limiting the motion resulting in only a trickle of water in the fill cycle. This too is seen by the consumer as a failure to properly clean dishes as the timed fill cycle results in too little water for the wash and rinse cycles and is often compounded by the failing drain valve. The consumer knows the dishwasher is running, but doing a poor job driving the desire for a replacement that works better.

These problems are seen on both electronic and mechanical timer models.

Comment Re:Cox's Solution: A return to pay as you go prici (Score 1) 247

As a cable cutter of 2 decades because I am not a sports fanatic, I dropped cable when the commercial free channels went away (cable started as subscriber funded and add free for those old enough to remember) which was combined by rising prices, and better content removed and placed in even higher priced priced packages.

In one channel, Netflix offers what cable dropped. Commercial free content at a reasonable price.

If Netflix is paying attention, if they break their model they will loose customers.

Cox, some customers want Internet to receive their content. In the days of increasing competition and larger data plans, if you try to ride the ragged edge of profitability between industry churn and retention, any serious competition for internet services will clean out your customer base that has TV to subsidize your internet service. Unhappy customers will flee as soon as a viable alternative penetrates the market. If you don't want to provide internet becasue it cuts into your base services, you will have the same problem SONY has when they added a media division that crippled their excellent hardware.

Comcast in my market lost me this way. I transitioned from dial up to cable and saw first had the attack on torrent traffic. A Linux distribution gradually slowed to nothing over 3 days, but a direct download mirror would download in less then 30 minutes. The connection fee was about $100 even though the cable was already in place and my home LAN already existed for wireless internet, printing, etc. $100 just to watch the tech plug into a modem, configure nothing, and connect it to my router WAN port always truck me as very wrong and over a barrel.

As soon as DSL was offered, the cable got cut. New customers got a $100 rebate, I more then doubled my speed and my subscription was about $20/mo less.

Comcast still tries to recruit me, and I still remind them why I am not interested as they did NOTHING in advance to retain me, or ensure I was sastified with the service.

Centruy link on the other hand has Increased my service speed without any action on my part. Comcast kept me on a 2 meg connection. Centeruy link signup was for 6 meg. Recently I've had much higher verified speeds, unlike Comcast who often ran well under the plan 2 meg.

Until the cable company makes major restructuring oriented to serving the customer base and providing advertised bandwidth (including peering with Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc) the competition is eating their lunch for both internet service and content.

Comment Re:Read the settlement (Score 1, Interesting) 225

The article is repeating a lie. The actual settlement and case do not contain the lie.

The Lie is Intel sold below cost.

Due to a fixed cost to operate a fab and process wafers, the cost per die is greatly impacted by line yield.

Due to the competitors line yield of about 50% at the time, it was assumed Intel had to be selling below cost. This was investigated and found to be false based on the number of raw wafers purchased and the number of die shipped. If two identical companies manufacture identical chips and one has 45% yield and the other 90% yield and offers bulk discounts that is 20% below the other companies cost to produce, it does in no way indicate the company is selling below cost. Read the lawsuit and settlement.

Intel agreed to change some business practices and settled, but still claimed they did nothing wrong such as dumping below cost, because they were not.

The cost per die was calculated based on the number of wafers purchased and the number of die shipped. Intel had much higher line yield than AMD.

AMD cut corners trying to compete, but did not solve the yield issue. AMD on the other hand had a policy of undercutting Intel on Price, but with their lower yield, they ran into the problem of having to sell below cost to meet their price points. This is where the incorrect assumption was made that Intel had to be selling below cost. This has been proven otherwise.

"By contrast, AMD's investments in manufacturing capacity during this period were anaemic - because AMD had elected to change course. Through the late 1990s, AMD itself has acknowledged, AMD had persistent quality problems with manufacturing production and insufficient capacity."

Please do not repeat the lie that Intel sold under cost. They didn't. They had lower production costs due to higher yield.

Comment Re:Amazing view of modern technology (Score 5, Interesting) 36

My wife had that but for anal canal cancer. I recognized the machine and steel door. Amazing surgery. A year later there is no sign of the tumor. Unfortunately she is in radiation and chemo again for tumors on her lymph glands in her chest. I'm hoping they get it and it doesn't spread. Chemo has been rough.

I hope after you get your treatments completed that there is no new ones elsewhere. Be sure to keep up on the follow up appointments. Good luck.

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