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Comment Its a phone! (Score -1) 324

Thats all I have ever gotten is 16GB and its been more than enough. I have tons of apps loaded and pictures and no issues. If you're taking video after video and thousands of pictures then you need to learn some file management. And its a phone, not a DSLR camera or movie taking camera. Its for pics here and there and short video clips and a little file management. I think it should start at 32GB these days and I think its Apple trying to get you to move to iCloud storage, which isn't a bad deal now at $1mo for 50GB. I'd rather see 15GB to match Google, but Google scans your stuff and sells you to their customer the advertiser to make up for that giving away. Apple needs to sell you the product as your there customer and they make money from you. But in the end personally 16GB hasn't affected me at all.

Comment Re:You know (Score -1) 397

Because usually Apple is in the right. Look into things some more before speaking please! Alot of clueless comments on here. Its not ok for Apple to defend itself, but its ok for Google and Microsoft and partners to steal from Apple and get away with it? I like competition, but when its a complete ripoff I'm not for it! Sorry! And as the other person said Apple doesn't contribute nearly as much as any other larger companies, if anyone is buying anyone off it will be Google as sneaky and conniving as they are. If you look at the history and facts instead of opinions you will learn Microsoft and Google are very dirty companies compared to Apple. Go read some facts people!

Comment Nascar Simulator (Score -1) 208

How about fixing the mess for PC users with Nascar Simulators......EA bought out Sierra who made the best Nascar games with the Papyrus team and since EA bought them the Nascar games suck. Sim Racing won't even load in Windows 7 for me which was made in 2005 while the last real Nascar Simulator made by Sierra in 2003 loads fine and works with my G27 steering wheel, etc. Thanks EA for ruining the Nascar games for PC!!

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