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Comment Re:It just didn't cut the mustard for me (Score 2, Insightful) 72

Personally that is the whole reason that I wanted to play this game. This is not a personal attack on you, just my opinion. I've played eq2, eve, ddo, ultima online, plus some even older than that. All those games did was keep making it easier and easier to play which made it so easy that you didn't even have to think about it(which is why I stopped playing them). I get tired of games that think we are all morons who can't use our brains to figure anything out, or that we need everything spelled out for us. I agree that there are problems with the game, but name one MMO that did not have problems at startup. This game is not for everyone, and I understand that, but it is nice to see a game that actually makes you stop and think about what your gonna do, before you do it, and if you make a bad/foolish decision, well then there should be an consenquence too your action. Just my two...well no...just my thoughts.

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