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Comment Re: It's not about morality, it's about the law (Score 1) 447

A few words of advice for you: to get away with arrogance, it has to be justifiable, you have to be able to back it up with competence. And you just don't have what it takes.

You may think that you're smart but you're a fuckwit. Maybe you were considered to be smart in the outer-suburban shithole school you came from but that's not actually smart in the real world. You reason like a fuckwit, you deduce like a fuckwit, you misuse words and grammatical constructs like a fuckwit, and you do a piss-poor imitation of an arrogant takedown just like a fuckwit.

I suggest that you go back to Upper Bumfuck West or whatever inbred hick shithole you came from where you can lord it over people who ARE actually dumber than you. But interacting in the wider world? That's just going to be a never-ending series of depressing embarrassments for you.

Comment Re:If it's legal... (Score 2) 447

> Is "legalistic shenanigans" a really twisted way of saying "legal"?

no. it means breaking the law with yet another version of the same old dodgy accounting scams, and getting away with it until somebody notices and points out that what you are doing is, in fact, breaking the fucking law.

because bullshit accounting practices that have the sole purpose of evading tax are fucking illegal in pretty much every jurisdiction in the world, including NZ and even in the corporate-arse-licking US.

so, no, "haven't been caught yet" is not the same as "legal". "legalistic" is also not the same as "legal", it's a shoddy simulacrum of "legal" that doesn't stand up to any scrutiny.

BTW, you know why specific kinds of tax evasion get made explicitly illegal even though they're already covered by existing general-purpose legislation? it's because slimy corporate cunts and their even slimier fucking lawyers are always trying it on.

shitty things get made illegal because people do them, or because it's easy to predict that they will do them, not just for the sake of making new laws.

Comment Re:It's not about morality, it's about the law (Score 0) 447

Like most countries, NZ has laws against bullshit accounting schemes that amount to tax evasion. because every fucking tax evasion scheme that has ever existed has relied on bullshit accounting practices in one way or another.

Apple thinks they've found a clever loophole to side-step those laws. They haven't.

Comment Re:It's not about morality, it's about the law (Score 1) 447

The NZ government does NOT have laws that allow this.

Apple lies and says that they make no profit in NZ because they buy their own products at artificially inflated prices from themselves in Ireland.

NZ wants to close this lying fucking bullshit loophole.

and fuckwits like you support Apple when they whinge about the prospect of not being able to evade taxes any more.

Comment Re:This is the problem with corporate income tax. (Score 4, Interesting) 447

Corporate taxation is double-taxation because their employees and customers pay taxes. Really? Do you have any idea how fucking stupid this line of argument is?

it's no different to saying "i shouldn't pay tax because the shopkeepers i buy shit from will pay tax", who then say "no tax for me because my employees pay tax", who then claim tax-exemption by pointing back to the fact that the shops THEY buy shit from pay tax.

and sure, if you're a properly brainwashed American, you'll think you're "clever" by saying something like "Yeah, exactly! Tax is theft". but tax is how civilisation is paid for. It's why you're not a slave in some shit-poor stone-age (or bronze-age at best) economy. It's why you can read, it's why you can do at least basic arithmetic (and can hopefully count your change when you buy shit). It's why countless things that you take for granted in your life exist and are maintained.

Every fucking cent has passed through multiple hands and has been taxed multiple times as it cycles through the economy. Exempting corporations from paying tax because of that is just fucking cretinous.

The problem with corporate income tax is that it is always possible for a mutlinational corporation to shift its profits to whichever country offers the lowest tax rate, unfairly enriching that one country. The best solution is probably to get rid of corporate income tax altogether

yeah. just like the best solution to burglary is for everyone to put all their possessions on the front lawn to make it easier for thieves. fucking idiot!

This isn't the first time corporate taxes have caused problems: remember the court battle in which the E.U. argued that Apple owed more taxes to the Irish government, despite the fact that the Irish government didn't even want those revenues

That happened because Apple was using Ireland to evade paying taxes in the countries where they sold their products. Unsurprisingly, those countries were pissed off by that tax-evading loophole, so took court action to force Apple pay the same tax regardless of where they claimed to be making the profit, making the whole profit-shifting bullshit pointless. Or worse than pointless because the administrative overhead in creating and maintaining that bullshit also has a monetary cost.

Also, the government of Ireland had a responsibility to the **PEOPLE** of Ireland to collect that tax, regardless of how many kickbacks and bribes the MPs took not to collect it.

Comment Re: sorry, no (Score 1) 447

Apple isn't paying income tax because they aren't turning a profit on sales of the phones in NZ.

That's exactly the problem, the loophole that they have set up and are exploiting.

With fancy (i.e. bullshit) accounting practices, they pretend that they make no profit in NZ (so why the fuck are they bothering to sell anything there. or in Australia. or anywhere else they pull the same bullshit scam), that all profit is made by their Irish subsidiary.

Comment Re:If it's legal... (Score 5, Insightful) 447

Nope. Tax evasion definitely falls into the former category, wrong regardless of "legality". Especially if achieved via legalistic shenanigans. And doubly so if those shenanigans are only possible due to favourable tax laws and interpretations obtained via corrupt political lobbying and campaign financing.

Corporations benefit from all the things that taxes provide - roads, police, education, and thousands more - so they should contribute to them as well.

hate to break it to you, but you're NOT a temporarily embarrassed millionaire. These tax scams you're championing (out of some brainwashed mindless fantasy that one day you'll "make it" and be part of the exploiter classes rather than the exploited) are NEVER going to benefit you. They're stealing from you, and from everyone else.

Comment it's a fucking ad (Score 1) 124

google can claim it's not an ad but that's exactly what it is.

spammers also always say "my spam is not spam, it's important information that you need to know". they're fucking lying too.

advertising in all its forms is a crime against humanity. manipulation, lies, deception, propaganda, psychic assault, normalisation - even reification - of consumption, and all the other varieties of bullshit.

Comment revision control and code reviews are essential (Score 3, Informative) 347

Two of the essentials, anyway. Not enough by themselves, but necessary.

make everyone use git or similar, and have all merge requests reviewed by coders who are both willing and capable of explaining what's wrong with the submitted code AND offer pertinent, targeted suggestions for fixes and improvements.

a code review without learnable critique is next to useless. it's not an opportunity to say "fuck off, your code is shit", it's an opportunity to teach and encourage improvement in your colleagues.

This helps the more experienced coders to improve too - explaining something to someone else is a great way to enhance your own understanding.

Comment Re:It all makes sense (Score 1) 180

Hey fuckwit, these laws aren't to protect you - you can fuck off and die horribly in a fire for all anyone cares.

They're to protect everyone else whose lives you are putting in danger by your risk-taking narcissistic indulgence.

Risk your own worthless life however you want as long as you don't put other people at risk.

Comment Re:Shop mentality vs office mentality (Score 1) 360

Drinks are a legit business expense. Why shouldn't I expense the drinks when I take a client out?

A better question is why the fuck should you get away with that?

If you or your company want to bribe the employees of potential customers or suppliers (i.e. other companies) with fancy meals, booze-ups and titty bars then you should fucking pay for your bribes yourselves, and not expect taxpayers to subsidise it by writing it off as a "legitimate business expense".

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