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Comment Re: Oh okay.. (Score 0) 186

Asmiov's Laws of Robotics tapped into the 1950s American paranoia about African-American uprisings. The American middle class wanted servants but were terrified of politicised African-Americans.

Asimov's Laws were wish-fulfilment fantasy about slaves who could not rise up against their masters.

I always thought Asimov was seriously over-rated, anyway, even taking into account the era of his writing. I suspect the "safety slaves" concept was a big part of his popularity. Asimov himself, as is obvious from his books, had a more nuanced view of the issue - but his readers lapped it up uncritically.

Comment Re:Biased (Score 1) 157

this is not anger. this is appropriate use of correct english language for emphasis. this is contempt for a worthless specimen, allegedly of humanity.

and no, what makes you less credible is bringing up fuckwitted right-wing talking points as if they are in any way sane, rational, or reasonable. they mark you out as a cretin.

again, go fuck yourself you miserable cunt.

Comment Re:Biased (Score 0) 157

> I'm not really a friend of that false "left-right" dichotomy. "You're
> left? So you're a commie!" No. For the same reason that someone
> who's right leaning isn't a Fascist. [....]


"I'm not a right-wing arsehole but I like to spout exactly the same kind of odious bullshit that only right-wing arseholes ever say."

Comment Re:Biased (Score 1) 157

Discrimination against gay customers is not minding your own fucking business, any more than discriminating against black customers would be.

Fucking up the lives of female employees by refusing to let their health insurance cover contraception is not minding their own business. (and the fact that you even have a health insurance system where an employer has that kind of control over what kind of cover their employees get is all kinds of fucked up, anyway. fucked up beyond any possibility of fixing. You yanks are fucked in the head for allowing it to get started and even more fucked in the head for allowing it to continue)

Imposing your religion on others is not minding your own fucking business. Using your economic power over other people to impose your religion on them is definitely not minding your own fucking business.

Poisoning children with sugary drinks is not minding your own business. It's both profiting from and creating addiction (and obesity. and diabetes).

I have no fucking idea what your 'cigar lounge' is a reference to, but it's hard to see how it could possibly have anything to do with left or right....unless it's that you're against it (or maybe for it), therefore it's the fault of those damn leftists. Because you're a fucking idiot.

Minding your own business means not fucking discriminating against people because of their colour, race, religion (or lack thereof), sexual identity or sexual preference or any other irrelevant detail about them. These things are none of your fucking business.

They are not any businesses' business, either. If they're offering a service to the public (such as baking a shitty fucking wedding cake) then they offer it to ALL the public, not "the public except those disgusting fags. and blacks. and asians. and women who wear too much lipstick. or not enough lipstick".

Go fuck yourself, RobotArsewipe. You're a fucking disgrace - which is supremely fucking obvious from the right-wing fuckwit issues you chose to bring up as if they somehow supported your imitation of a point.

Comment Re:FB as news source (Score 2) 157

I use facebook as a source of news about friends. And, of course, a valuable source of occasional cat pics without going to the trouble of actually visiting a cat pic site.

and what's so wrong with vitamin C anyway?

ps: I use userscripts to make FB less annoying, including setting `display: none` on Suggestions and other spam, "Trending" bullshit, etc. I also use a separate browser (midori) for FB and only FB so that my other browsers don't have to run FB spyware scripts and web-bugs.

Comment Re:Biased (Score 1) 157

Obviously, there's good bias and bad bias.

Fox News, being 100% biased toward extremist right-wing nutbaggery, is allowed to be as biased as they like. This is good bias.

Facebook weren't always biased towards that, they let some lefty-sounding things though sometimes, so that's automatically bad bias. Shame on them.

Of course, the difference is that they're both privately owned media/publishing businesses. That crucial difference is why it's OK for Fox to be biased but not Facebook. Shame on those damn commies.

Comment Re:GPL ? GNU/Linux ? (Score 1) 150

> Oh, please, stop this disinformation once and for all.

How about you stop with your bullshit?

This is NOT about re-licensing. I never said that the BSD-licensed code was somehow magically re-licensed, so you can stop pretending that I did.

However, anyone who distributes BSD-licensed binaries (whether modified or not) is under NO OBLIGATION WHATSOEVER to provide source code to anyone, ever. Not of their modified source and not even of the original unmodified source.

They're free to tell their users "fuck off and go find the source yourself. And good luck figuring out how to compile it, sucker!".

> Both BSD and GPL licenses have their uses, but don't tell GPL gives
> more freedom, because it is not true

It absolutely IS true. The GPL provides (and enforces) freedom for everyone, developers AND users. It also prevents anyone from restricting that freedom, AND it obliges re-distributors to provide the source code in the preferred (i.e. most usable) machine-readable form.

The BSD license does not in any way prevent anyone from restricting freedom, and creates no obligation to provide source code.

> they are still able to download the original source code with both
> licenses, even if the derivative work has been distributed with a
> restrictive license

This is disingenuous, at best.

Users aren't guaranteed a right to the source code of the software that they're actually running, that they have purchased as a software product or that is embedded in some hardware device they bought. With some fucking about and searching, they can probably get most or all of the source for the original code that the product they're using was based on, and that's all.

Now that may be exactly what the original code developers want, and it's absolutely their right to choose whatever license they want for their code. That still doesn't mean that the BSD license is as free as the GPL. It's not. It's inherently less free.

Comment Re:GPL ? GNU/Linux ? (Score 1) 150

> Who cares? FreeBSD is under a BSD license, which means
> you are really free to do what YOU want,

unless you happen to get your copy from someone who doesn't want you, the user, to have any freedom. In that case, you're fucked - non-copyleft licenses like BSD do not protect YOUR freedom.

With non-copyleft licenses, ANYONE can place ANY restrictions they like on downstream users.

> not what some lunatic's idea of freedom is.

that "lunatic"'s idea of freedom is that ALL users should have the freedom to do whatever they want with the software, regardless of who/where they got the software from.

With copyleft licenses like the GPL, the ONLY restriction is that you can not place any further restrictions on downstream users. i.e. the only restriction exists solely to enforce freedom for everyone.

One of these is far more free than the other. Hint: it's not the one that allows arbitrary restrictions to be added.

Comment Re:Computer literacy is at all times low (Score 1) 500

Yes, I know. Even my TRS-80 did similar in the 70s (and the TRS-80 sucked so bad that you had to open it up and solder in an extra RAM chip if you wanted lowercase letters).

My point was not that it was unnecessary or that it didn't serve a useful purpose but that having to do it sucked. nostalgia doesn't magically make it not suck.

and while these things were clever (and very much appreciated) hardware hacks to work around quite severe limitations, the crappy hardware that had those limitations still sucked - even though it may have been State Of The Art and quite desirable at the time.

I must be some kind of mutant - my nostalgia doesn't come with rose-coloured glasses.

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