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Comment Re:D'oh! (Score 1) 230

I know, it's confusing

Here's the quote I was responding to:

"due to circumstances beyond our control,â their Dec. 27 Team America screening has also been canceled." If only I had a copy, I'd like to host a viewing party here in Austin for The Interview , which I want to see now more than ever.

About Team America, I can only guess that the Southpark people are not that big on copyright

Comment Techdirt Article on Same Story (Score 2) 243

"Similarly, M-Lab's data shows that the problem wasn't a lack of bandwidth on the part of the ISPs (i.e., no actual technical congestion), because those same ISPs had no problem connecting to a different transit provider, Internap. So the only logical culprit was the interconnection points. There was more than enough bandwidth to go around. There's just the single bottleneck of the interconnection border router (which, again, is trivially simple to get rid of by opening up more ports)."


Comment Sad it Before (Score 1) 269

...a protocol that allows users to create profiles, "status" posts, groups, events, and other familiar social networking features as "objects" that live on their own server

I believe that mobile device computing power and storage will advance to the point that everyone will be able to carry his/her own server, removing even the need to contract with a third party for services.

All that's necessary is the user-hardware and the FOSS protocol. No deep-pocketed sponsor necessary.

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